Who Killed The Fish?

If a little "cheating" happens....we will know....the fish will all die.

The fish will die if chemicals or artificial fertilizers are applied.

Many are very dissatisfied with the quality of food available.  The widespread use of chemicals in food production is worrying.  Studies are beginning to show links between many modern day ailments and chemical use. The demand for "Organically Grown" is on the rise.  Consumers want to eat better, reduce drastically the intake of unnatural chemicals via the food eaten.  These chemicals are most often in the form of agricultural sprays and artificial fertilizers.

Grow your own.  It is easier than you might think.   Imagine fresh, chemical free fish and vegetables, grown at home or at a family or community farm nearby. Aquaponics is a wonderful way to grow-your-own at home and on a bigger scale to supply the needs of others.

Aquaponic training course

Aquaponic grown lettuce - better than organic. Students examine these prime quality, chemical free lettuce.

Aquaponics is better than Organic because we have those inbuilt policemen in the system - the fish.   Fish are very intolerant to agricultural chemicals and will quickly die if contaminated with even very small amounts of these chemicals. An Aquaponics farmer just cannot "cheat" when tempted to increase yields or to control a pest outbreak by using chemical sprays or fertilizers.

Organic Policeman built into each Aquaponic system

If a little "cheating" happens....the fish will tell us.......they will all die.

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2 thoughts on “Who Killed The Fish?

  1. Sadly Murray, this is only part of the story. Many aquaponic growers are not using organic feed, or if they are it’s corn and soy based, which fish don’t eat.

    IMO, the food isn’t organic unless ALL of the inputs are organic and natural. Where is fish going to find corn or soy in their natural habitat?

    Unless you are growing your own fish food, your food is only part way there. And unless the feed you use is at least organic, your food isn’t any better than that in the grocery stores because all of those chemicals and GMO’s end up (thru the feed) into the fish and veggies.

    • Thanks Phil.
      Sadly in the US it is pretty much impossible to avoid GMO soy and corn, but other parts of the world have not yet been so compromised. Fish meal is the main ingredient in most commercially available fish food. We are much better off eating wonderful chemical free aquaponic veggies than the supermarket stuff. Even if the fish food is not certified Organic, the end product produced in Aquaponics is far and away better quality than almost anything else, and we do have the inbuilt policeman.
      Each individual must move toward sustainability and food purity in steps that can be achieved one step at a time. It is a journey worth undertaking.