Four levels of Knowledge –

Four levels of Knowledge -

Training class in progress. Practical hands on training.

A training class in progress. Practical hands on training.

The 4 day Master Class is a good mix of both introductory subjects and leading into and concentrating on commercial Aquaponics subjects. We have excellent material to share including some very extensive spreadsheets that will play well for your business plan development.

As you are most likely aware we have excellent credibility in this area. We have been delivering Master Classes in the USA and  Australia for more than 5 years. We are very fortunate having travelled around the world and consulted on many farm projects. Many of our students are running their own projects and some are building farms for others. Some are teaching and sharing with others as well as running their own Aquaponics farm.

Additionally, We are the holders of Australian Federal Gov approved 10427NAT - Certificate III in Aquaponics Organic Food Production. The only such course in the world at this time.  We are still finalising the teaching notes and training some staff to deliver this Cert III course.  We anticipate the first delivery of this course to commence in the first half of 2018.

So, we deliver Aquaponics knowledge in three levels;

1. Discover Aquaponics.  A one day course crafted, especially for the hobbyist. This gives a really good framework for the person wishing to grow their own chemical free healthy vegetables (and fish, don't forget the fish!) Dates to be announced for 2018 soon.

Aquaponics Greens

Salad greens growing in a home Aquaponics system

2. Aquaponics Master Class. A 4-day training course aimed at those who may be wishing to develop a commercial business in Aquaponics farming.  This course is by far our most attended and enthusiastically recommended by graduating students.

(Yes, we have many Aquaponics home hobbyists who complete this level of training because they want to be really good at producing their own food and move closer to a sustainable lifestyle.)
To secure your place in the Aquaponics Master Class, go here

3. Aquaponics Design Course.  This course is completely online. If you have an internet connection you can complete this course. This course has been undertaken by students from 40+ countries.
Over 100 videos in this course. The course now runs for 8 weeks,
Go here to read about this course.

4. 10427NAT - Certificate III in Aquaponics Organic Food Production. This is a 500 hour plus course that is designed to fit the student with in-depth knowledge of Aquaponics Farming.  This will produce qualified persons who can confidently enter into an Aquaponics farming venture. Further, it will produce qualified persons who an Aquaponics farmer can confidently hire as excellent, knowledgeable AP farm technicians.
This course will run for the first time in the first half of 2018.

Aquaponics Salad Greens

Aquaponics Salad Greens.  A farm built in the Middle East by one of our star students.


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6 thoughts on “Four levels of Knowledge –

  1. Hi Murray,
    I am interested in the Cert 3 course starting in June. Can you please keep me posted, and if you know how much it will cost, can you please let me know ASAP. I’m on disability, and need to save for it.
    I have a Diploma in Lab Tech – Chemistry and Microbiology Double major, as well as a Diploma in Environmental Mgt. I’ve also worked in Aquarium retail for 3 years, managing over 60 fish tanks a week, as well as quarantine. I started a Bachelor in Aquaculture, but had to pull out due to illness. I am not sure if i need to do the Cert III course?
    I see this as the way the food industry will go and i want to get into it, very soon. I have literature, heaps of information off the net, and a basic mgt plan developed. I’m setting up the Bathtubs system at the moment.
    Leona C

    • Hi Leona, The Cert III will be in the order of 4000.00 not sure of the final pricing, but it will be somewhere in that range. It would be an interesting idea to have someone with your qualifications on our teaching team.
      I hope you get that bathtub system up and running very soon. It is good to get started.

  2. Hi Murray, great to find your blog at last. I’ve been following your work over the internet for a couple of years now and enjoyed several giggles with you. Although English, I live in Brazil and have recently launched a natural swimming pool company here in an effort to help people make better use of their water resourses, which tends to keep me out of trouble as I’m sure you can imagine. The aquaponic systems that I encounter in Brazil are very different to yours (a happy and simple 1000lt version of which I have at home) but, I’d like to help expand your version over here, thus I am ALSO very interested in the Cert III course … do you think you will be able to host it online though?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Jamie,
      The cert III preparations are coming along very nicely. We are planning to have majority of it available on-line but there will have to be a face to face component of approx two weeks in order to reach compliance standards for the issue of a Gov approved certificate. We are in final negotiations with Ingenuity center in Oregon to use their facilities for the hands-on face-to-face components for students on that side of the globe.
      Exciting stuff.

  3. Hello Murray

    I would like to know the training dates of the three levels to obtain the certification. I am from Latin America, and I want to schedule my trips to participate in your courses.