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15 thoughts on “Solar Powered Aquaponics – Verticals.

    • Re the pump. We are waiting for stock to arrive.
      They will be 136.90 each.
      2,400 lph, head = 6.5m
      Pump is rated as continuous operation.
      24 volts x 3.6 amps = 87 watts
      So, 1 x 240 watt solar panel will just do it and charge the battery. 2 x 240 watt panels is much better we have found.

      • Hey Murray,
        Were you able to get these pumps in stock? If not can you recommend a similar product to use in a tower system like gro pockets (1.8m high towers).
        Thanks Sam

        • Hi Samuel,
          Right now I am still searching for a suitable 24 volt pump. Not entirely happy with the ones I have now. Best at this stage to use a mains power pump.

  1. How long will your pump run for off the battery storage. E.g. if it rains for several days, at what stage do you need to switch over to mains?

    • Hi Byronboy,
      On the two batteries we have we would only get a few days. Today was very overcast with some light showers. The panels still delivered 28 volts for most of the day. The system switched off at around 5 and the batteries are still good. Time will tell, but so far it is good.

  2. Aaaargh!

    Murray, I accidently deleted your last e-mail with the 7 minute clip on growing lettuce using GroPockets.

    Any chance that you can resend it, please?



  3. Dear Sir,
    myself student of kongunadu arts and science college, india, tamilnadu, am doing my mphil project in aquaponics , would like to know the constraints involved in it. Kindly guide me