Nutrient and Sunlight

We have put together a short video clip to show the amazing difference between plants from the exact seedling batch, planted in different systems.
One system is young and new and has not yet built up a good solid nutrient bank. Obviously the nutrient does not yet extend across the full spectrum of that needed for good plant health.  This is so important for the follow on effect this has for the food consumers personal health and well being.

Nutrient in a well found Aquaponics system comes from a variety of sources but principally from the fish waste.  There is a variety of ways that nutrient can be provided, all of them relatively easy and very effective.

Nutrient capture and distribution is vital to ensure the system produces well.

Our FloMedia methodology, utilising media beds together with raft systems connected in the right configuration and proportions provides good plant nutrition across the plant side of the Aquaponics system.

This is evidenced by the plants we grow in our research and client systems.  Good examples of wonderfully healthy plants can be seen in the video clip.  I have visited on Aquaponic farms where, frankly, the growth of commercial crops was poor.  This is due to insufficient balanced nutrient properly distributed across the farm systems. A successful Aquaponic operation needs to maximise the output from the farm, community or home system while working within good cost structures.

Learn about these and other very practical methodologies from those with the actual practical experience on farms from all climate zones.

The next Practical Aquaponics Workshop will be held in Pescadero California Feb 24 - 28, 2013
See here for the course outline.

This course is heavily biased toward a practical hands-on experience. Not hours and hours of boring monologue but useful, practical how-to-make-it-work information.

There will be an excellent info filled comprehensive Manual for the attendees to take away with them......

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2 thoughts on “Nutrient and Sunlight

  1. Murray, you are a ray of light in this field. Thanks a lot. This is really informative. I learned a lot from you and continue to learn. I pray that you realize what is best for you in here and hereafter.
    Very much appreciated work and video.