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" Thanks Murray, I have only just discovered AP (acronums already!!!) and will be a voracious reader here for a while before I get to asking questions." Chris of Kangaro

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101 thoughts on “Membership Options.

    • Hi Leo, I have sent your new password to you by email. You can change it if you wish after logging in. Go to top right hand menu and click on “Edit my profile”and follow the prompts. Thanks.

  1. I am no longer able to log in to my Silver membership. Can you please check and see what the problem is.

  2. Hello Janet Little,
    Congratulations on joining the Aquaponics Evolution…worlds to comprehend. Anyway I expect your having fun also with how and why this and that works. I’ve planted three of my new growbeds and today I am pumping 300 gal. of my fish water to my second tobe fish tank to inoculate the second system…I am so JAZZed that my project is growing right here at my finger tips.
    I would really encourage that our AP community at Northern California gather together in our pionneering and face the future with the tools to thrieve!
    Let’s meet.

  3. HI Murray, I have paid for Gold membership but I can’t register for it as I was previously a Bronze member and the registration site won’t accept my previous username (which obviously I can change) or my email address (which is harder to change). Please help.



    • Hi Glen, I have emailed you directly as to how we can fix this. So far no reply from you. Maybe you did not get my email. I will try again to contact you.
      In brief, I will track down your Paypal payment and refund to you and you register again here…
      If you have a BRONZE membership here log in to your BRONZE membership first BEFORE you upgrade to GOLD. This way you will retain your username and password into the new membership level.

  4. Hi Murray, I am not sure what has happened as I have emailed you twice. Anyway, I will try again. I will paste in here what I said last time. I actually tried to send it directly to your email address.

    Hi Murray, I definitely did it through the system but I cant recall if I was logged into my Bronze membership at the time or not. I received confirmation from you almost immediately asking me to register.

    I was unable to register a username as the program insisted on a different email address and username. I am happy to try again if you want to refund the paypal. I think it was setup to automatically charge the account every 3 months.
    If you are able to over ride the system,

    I’ll wait to hear what you think is the best way to make this work.



    • Hi Tuora,
      I am in the U S at the moment and I do not have all my files with me on my laptop. I will find what I can and do have on my laptop tonight when I get back to the Hotel…….sorry I did not get that done before I went away.

  5. Can you please help? I haven’t used this account for a while, but the membership fees have continued to be withdrawn and I can’t get in with my member name and password. Thanks!

    • Hi Susie, I fixed that for you and sent an email with log in details. Please let me know if you have any further problems.

      • So sorry…but I didn’t get the email. Can you try one more time please. Thanks! (After 15 mo of working on it off and on, we’ve got out toteponics up n running!!)

    • Hi William,
      I have just emailed to you your new password to log into the SILVER area of this blog.
      Thanks for letting me know and sorry it has taken me a couple of days to fix it for you.

  6. Hi Murray. I have just updated my membership from bronze to gold however I am unable to access any info from anything other than the bronze site.

    Can you please help me?


  7. Hi Tom, I have just used your link and it loads instantly. There must be a problem at your end , Maybe not enough bandwidth on your connection.
    Keep trying. If no luck by tomorrow I will give you a different access to see how that works.

  8. Hi Murray,
    All I wanted to know,was:
    Where I could buy a complete Bio-Filter,
    Or the bits,so I can make one myself,
    Thanks for your reply,

    • Hi Otto, It is easy to make a bio filter, but if you have media beds in your system, they are a bio filter…..does that answer your question?

  9. Hi Murray, I did your Aquaponics for profit back in July and you were going to give us a log in and membership for 12 months but i didn’t receive any, I have sent a number of emails with no reply.

    Jeff Palmer

    • Hi Jeff, sorry about that, all done now look for an email in your inbox with username and password. A whole lot of new stuff to go in there during january.

  10. Aloha Murray,
    It was good to meet you in Denver and get a picture with you. My son and his in-laws all live in Australia and coming to visit Maui the end of March. He’s such an avid fisherman, maybe one day farming will move him towards Aquaponics. Gotta visit some farms on my next trip to see him.
    Just got my renewal notice for the Aquaponics Association and considering joining yours too. I’m not sure how many are out there with membership fees, but am interested in any additional reasons to join yours. Figuring out just how much I can put into programs and memberships is my budget challenge at the moment.
    Being retired on disability, Aquaponics keeps me busy and does feed me and some neighbors. Still have it in my head to find away to get you out here to speak or help build a system. Of course Glenn Martinez is 20 minutes away on another island and some pretty knowledgeable people on Maui already, but a lot of education to go still.
    We (Maui Aloha Aina Association, dedicated to farming and living soil) have a conference we did for ten years on Maui with speakers from all over the world. We took a break, but look to start-up again this April. to see what it’s has been about. In fact that’s where I saw Glenn Martinez with his first Aquaponics demo system as one of our vendors and was so busy I just never caught on or I would be a few years ahead in knowledge now.

    Take care,
    Jim Hall

    I don’t like putting links in posts, but it tells the story better than I do. You can remove it if it’s not acceptable.

    • Hi Jim,
      Good to hear from you.
      The membership fee in the Aquaponics Institute is currently free and even when we put a fee on it to assist in defraying running costs it will be small. The Aquaponics Institute is rapidly becoming the organisation of choice for Aquaponics practitioners, both home hobbyists and commercial farmers. We already have a larger membership than any other Aquaponics organisation. I must call in there one day and see you and my old mate Glenn Martinez.
      Thanks for the link, very interesting what you have got going there.
      Whether you are new to Aquaponics or you are a seasoned practitioner, it doesn’t matter; welcome to the Aquaponics Institute. You are and will always remain a VIP to us at the Aquaponics Institute.

  11. Hello Murray,
    I am a gold member but when I click on the Facebook link it says that I must be a member to view the page. Any ideas what is wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    • You need to us a regular log in to access those member areas….sorry, that is just the way the software works.

  12. Hi Murray: I want to enroll for a membership but you only list the price for australian currency. How mush for U. S. Will you be at the annual get together in Tucson Az?

    • Hi Del,
      If you pay using Paypal it will convert the currency automatically. The difference is not much at all. I hope to get to Tuscon but not sure as yet. I will keep you posted on that.

    • Hi Brad,
      The Platinum section is not open for membership yet. Lot more material to be added before we open that for members. Thanks for your interest.

  13. Hi Murray – my aquaponics is an amazing success. 4′ x 40′ of 12″ RAFT bed/150 sq ft of gravel flood and drain. I am growing Onions/kale/collards/all kinds of lettuces/bak choy/TOMATOES on gravel bed and raft bed! Amazing experiment. I wish I could pose PICS here. 1500 gals of Koi pond and 1400 gal tank holding 80 tilapia fingerlings! IT WORKS GUYS!

  14. Hi Murray,

    I would like to cancel my online gold subscription please, how can i do this?


    • Hi Sam, You need to go to your Paypal account and stop the regular payments. It is automatic after you do that.
      Thanks for your support to date and wish you well .

  15. Hi Murray, I have enrolled fror Gold membership a while ago, but when tying to acces Farm and finance modeling it take me to this page……..

    • I have replied to you by email, but in short, that info is part of the Platinum membership which is only available to those who attend our 4 day training courses. Regards Murray

  16. Hi Murray, thanks for your quick response to my email re log in difficulties; all is good now.

    My sister & I started into ap on Aug 1st & we LOVE it!!!

    We have 3 x 300ltr grow beds, a 500ltr sump & a 1000 ltr fish tank holding approx 700 ltr with 15 med goldfish & 5 Koi (approx 200 mm)

    After 4 mths we still do not have a reading for nitrates.
    The pH averages around 6.8
    Amonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0

    3 weeks after we started th nitrate level shot up to 40 but next 3 days was 20 then 10, 5, and finally back to 0.

    I add a small dollop of Seasol every other day.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    We have broccoli, cabGage, kale, spinach, cues,lettuce, tomatoes, cues, beans, parsley, coriander and strawberries growing, with mixed success – not much production.


    ps – the reason we have goldfish & Koi instead of jade perch which I would love is because neither of us could bear to kill the beautiful little darlings!!!

    • Hi Wilma,

      The primary nutrient input for Aquaponics is the fish food. How much are you feeding? Is it a good quality food? Is there enough fish to support the plants you are growing? Seasol, need 1 x cap full a day minimum while the system is still young. Your pH is good. Very unusual to see Nitrates like that, more likely to be NITRITES.
      I hope this helps.

  17. Aloha Murray,
    I am trying to watch the 90 min SECRETS and it takes me to this page? Please help, thanks!

  18. Thank you for your inquisitiveness and follow up…yes and the siphons are working well. I have a finite flow of H2O from the fish tank through 2″ pvc down to the 3 growbeds and dialing the flow to each was the key and this was repeated on the other 3 fish tanks as well and the flow is flowing.
    Thanks again Murry

  19. Hi Murray,

    I was so happy to learn that you are helping Kalyan set up an aquaponics system near Bangalore.

    There was an issue about the pumps. Please look at the possibility of using a submersible pump used in “AIR COOLERS”. These pumps are rated for continous (24 x 7) operation and are available cheap (Between Rs. 200.00 to Rs. 400.00 per piece in the retail market depending on the capacity.

    Please let me know the specs and I will try to source it for you.

    Look forward to hear from you. Regards


    • Thanks Tarun,
      The issue was not pumps. We did not even get to that part. There was no electricity. No funding for solar. Kalyan is working on the solar option. In the meantime we built wicking beds and with the help of a very kind businessman from Goa (Darryl) a number of wicking bed materials, tools and the like were delivered to the village. It is a good example of “appropriate technology” The wicking beds are a great mid term solution.

  20. Dear Murray – Trying to get my head around where the bacteria do their magic in a system without any media, or have I missed a step? Can they really exist and do their stuff on the inside of the PVC towers? I’m looking at a standalone system using only GroPocket towers. Would it be best to include a (swirl?) filter to reduce risk of clogging of the sprinklers? Reading the other comments below, am I correct in thinking you send full details/instructions/plans of how to set up a system with all purchases of gropockets? Cheers, Guy

    • Hi Guy,
      You will need to filter the water somehow or you will have problems with nozzle blockages eventually. Media bed is the easiest way to do that and to provide a home for the beneficial bacteria. There are other ways of doing it, such as a good quality canaster filter. System would need to be lightly stocked with fish. We will have a video out on assembly in a few days.

  21. HI Murray
    I’m sorry i’ve been one these people who hasn’t read the context properly, i’ve join the gold membership from the membership screen but i can’t seem to log on as a gold member. Help..

    • Hi Victoria,
      The difference is that now when you log in as you have done so already 4 times previously, when you click on a GOLD member sibject matter menu item, it will load the page for you. The website looks exactly the same as it did before but now you can actually access more menu items.


  22. Hi Murray,

    I want to set up an aquaponics training institute here in India. I want to be able to train the small and poor farmer to set up his own small facility where he can produce wonderful organic food. I have a plan to set up clusters in the villages where the farmers will set up small systems for production of fish & vegetables.

    As it grows, we will set up a supply & marketing chain where we will pick up the produce from these “clusters”: and sell it in the cities like Delhi where there is a huge demand.

    I know that the small systems can be easily built in India at a a fraction of what it would cost in Australia or the USA if we use locally available components. Of course there may be a few critical parts which we may need to get from the US or Europe.

    If we can get a small project going successfully, I will get the Government to give the farmers setting up their aquaponics farm a 50% subsidy.

    We would love to have you on board. With your vast knowledge and experience, I am sure that we will succeed in helping the poor farmers in India to sustain themselves without having to depend on monsoons, chemical fertilizers etc.

    Will you help us for this good cause?

    I look forward to your early reply.


    • Hi Turan,
      Yes, I will be happy to help where I can. I have been to India once already to help get some systems going there. I went to a place outside Bangalore. Very interesting for sure.

  23. Hate to bug you, but when I click on the BRONZE join now button I get this reply “User registration is currently not allowed”

    • Hi Liz, that is right. We are stopping the free membership area. Literally hundreds of spam some days. Just too much work keeping it clean. We will gradually move all the free member stuff out into the open “no-rego-required” area and have only memberships for Silver and Gold. Some of the more technical stuff will be moved into Silver members area.
      The spammers don’t want to pay so it stops them dead…thankfully.

    • Hi, Bronz free is no longer available. Sorry, too much spam so we had to close it off.

  24. Hi Murray,

    The site is not allowing me to access the gold membership area, even when I am logged in.



    • In the sidebar menu on the right-hand side. Click on any item of interest and you will be able to access the particular item.


  25. Hi Murray,

    Even when logged into my gold account, I am no longer able to access any of the content in the site.


    • Hi Steve,
      I have checked your membership aand you are not a gold member.
      If you believe you are please advise when you last made a membership payment, I will track it and rectify the problem.


      • Hi Murray,

        I have been a gold member since December 2014. My last membership payment was on June 22 2016.


        • Hi Steve, I can see your membership in there but it is showing as not being renewed. Please give me the date of renewal and importantly the email address of the Paypal account so I can track the payment and fix it for you.
          Please reply to my email for security purposes murray at

    • Hi Rob, The free members section is closed due to massive spam signups……sorry. The paid members area is still available.

  26. Hey! I can’t do my register for BRONZE membership. The message is: ‘nickname invalid’ can help me?

    • Sorry, Bronze is closed due to massive spam attacks. Only the paid membership options are open now……sorry.

  27. I have qty(2)250 gal water totes. I live in the Sonoran Desert (~2000′) with temp swings from -2 > 46C. Where the cold is biggest problem. I want to start small with a 23m system. Questions: Do you anyone with an operating system in similar conditions? Do you have to deal with Chloramine from your water dept?

    • Chloramine needs to be pretreated before allowing into the system UV light is the easiest and most efficient way to do that.

  28. Thank you, Murray, for your helpful information. I have a question: I have been operating a hydroponic dutch bucket system for about three years now, and was thinking about changing it over to an aquaponic system. Can I do that without changing the dutch bucket setup? How would I determine what size fish tank I would need to provide adequate nutrients for my system. My current system is 25 – 3 gallon dutch buckets, each containing two tomato plants, and/or pepper plants. Thanks again for your help.


    • Hi Mark, what media do you have in the dutch buckets? A 1000 ltr IBC would make an ideal fish tank and you will be well advised to have some sort of filter between the FT and dutch buckets.

  29. Hello I cannot register for a bronze membership and I am unsure of what went wrong. I am building a custom aquapnics system with a custom tower and had a few question for ya.

    • Hi John,
      We do not allow access to Bronze anymore. Just overrun with spam signups and comments. So, sorry, only Silver and Gold memberships available at this time.


  30. Hi Murray, I have attempted to register for your bronze membership,it says user registration is currently not allowed. Is there a problem with site, or am I doing it incorrectly?

    • Sorry Lisa, We have closed the Bronze section because of unrelenting spam. So, the only options are Silver and Gold.


  31. Hi Mr Murray i m Samuel, i live to Vietnam since 5 years . I m 40 old , i make my aquaponics system on the 22 flowers on my residence tower building. i m very interested to find solution about aphids and other pests with natural solution . As today i learn one EMBA because i want to build my aquaponics Farm soon as possible and i hope find all my answer with your help.
    i hope to become platinum member ship ….
    Thank you very much

    • Hi, we will very soon announce the “Aquaponics Design Course” A video based six-week course that will be supported by downloadable PDF files and lesson helps. This will work for you giving all in-depth information for small home systems right through to farm-scale systems.
      Will be announced via our free membership site

  32. Good evening, it’s Guylaine And Fred again. How are we able to get training courses if we are living in Ontario Canada? Is there some video training and test given afterwards. We would like to enhance our knowledge and setup that we are just about to finish building with your set of plan. We are keeping available space to modified it for the Indy 23 instead of 11.5.

    We would like to obtain the Platinum membership as well in the process. We are so passionate from switching land farming to aquaponic.

    Hope to hear from you soon… thank you again for the opportunity.

    • Hi Frederick,
      Our “Aquaponics Design Course” is on line and just at the beginning. Week 1. It is self-paced in that you can watch videos 24/7 and is divided up into 6 weekly modules. There are downloadable PDF files and lesson helps. Unfortunately, we have just closed enrolments. But if you really want to join up I can put you on the short list if there any cancelations.
      Here is a PDF file about the course and explains everything.

      Here is what one student just posted in the ADC FB page about week one of the course.
      Andrew D.
      Just finished watching week one and all i can say is WOW, if you want more then just a home system, maybe build and design in your local area, be the go to guy or girl for Aquaponics design, then get on board, strap in and hold on .
      This course WILL change lives.


      • Yessss! please sir. My wife and I would be so great full for n opportunity. Since we always partners in life it would be another awesome journey together and incorporating our children this marvellous way of life that is. We love growing plants which we were doing on spring to fall in the earth. But now we can do it all year round for pleasure and resale to pay for our new land acquisition. So yes please, put us on this short list.

        Thank you so much again.

        Guylaine and Frederick

  33. This concept is exceptional & i find your way of sharing vital info very helpful. I want to create up to 30 of these ‘units’ on my land Upper Hunter NSW, Australia.

    Getting the full spectrum of information is vital. Contacting a person who has so much knowledge, as you do, taking collegeat coarses ( I’m hoping they exist) and talking to people involved in the field is my plan.

    Thank you for your great work,

    Paul Kontellis

    • The best plan is to complete our on-line training course. It is underway right now. We are midway through the six week training. The next time it will be run will be in May 2017.
      In the meanwhile we have DVD’s that we post world wide that may be a good idea for you.—dvds-and-journals.html
      Here is some information about the course.

      We provide complete service of design, procurement and commissioning of Aquaponics Farm systems.

      Look at this info first and then perhaps you may have more questions.

  34. Hi Murray,

    I am having trouble with the membership site again. If I click on a link in the gold section (where I am a member), I am redirected to the sign up page.



    • Hi Steve,
      Last time you logged in was 6th September 2016
      Your account looks ok from this end.
      Can you tell me what date you last paid membership fees please?
      Perhaps try resetting your password.


  35. Hi Murray, I sent a rather contrite email about how I’d managed to give you my money but somehow hadn’t got access. Can you help please? Thanks 🙂

    • I can give you a refund easily, but you will need to go to your Paypal account and cancel future payments.
      If that is what you would like please email me murray(at) and I will happily organise a refund.

  36. Murray, I’m Fernando Mesa from Houston. I’m actually taking your course aquaponics Designs. I will love to have access to Bronze membership. Let me know what i have to do ? Thank you

    • Hi Fernando,
      Sorry Bronze membership is closed due to spam. We had so many spam entries and so on we have closed that free section down.

  37. Hi Murray Darrell f Om Karratha sorry to hear the problems you e had with some deadbeats hacking you. Love the site and about to get your silver membership. I have talked a few times with Haiden from Perth and would think he’s a valuable asset to your team he’s certainly helped me a fair bit. I’m pretty well hooked now and have just got another IBC to go with my other 2 that at the moment I run as seperate systems but would now like to join all three. Hats the best way. No doubt there will be info in your silver section but a heads up from the Man would be great

    Keep up the good work

    Regards Darrell

    • Hi Darrell,
      Yes, hacked big time. Anyway all is back up and running now and we did lose a few files. Hayden is one of the good guys for sure. I will need a diagram of what you have now.

  38. Hi Murray,
    I have completed your Design Course (October 2017). Does this allow me to access this site at the platinum level?
    Benigno Sierra