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The SILVER Members have access to much more technical information, Free downloads and more.  SILVER membership is $12.87 per quarter recurring.

Some SILVER Members content as listed below and being added regularly.

  • Video clip #1 Dr Wilson Lennard at my Brisbane Seminar speaking about Dissolved Oxygen.  Fish food.
  • Vidio clip #4 Costa at my Sydney Seminar speaking on Why do we want to grow fresh food and how does it work.

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15 thoughts on “2 SILVER Members

  1. I sent a payment for silver membership, but am still not allowed in silver member area. Is there a wait to process payment, or is it that i didnt make my bronze account before i paid?

  2. Having trouble signing into the silver members area. Using paypal for the past 9 months. Thanks.


  3. I want to take out a silver menbership and have a paypal account but I cannot see where to make the payment as the link seems to be for current members. Can you please email me the process to join. Thank you

    • Hi Clarrie
      Just go to “Membership Options” page and click on the Paypal button under Silver members. Follow the prompts. The system will send to you a log in and password…….easy


  4. Hi Murray,
    I am having problems with viewing the content with my silver membership.
    Each of the pages comes in blank.
    I do seem to be logged in because I see my name on the right column near the top.
    Please advise.

  5. Hello Murray,
    I don’t think that any new content has been added to your paid subscription web site in a very long time. Am I missing something? This is why I offered to meet you in Florida to create some content (Videos) free of charge.
    Please cancel my subscription and put me on the waiting list for your commercial aquaponics web service.

    • Hi Matt, you can cancel your paid subscription by going to your Paypal account and cancelling the payment. This will automatically disconnect your subscription. Sorry you feel that way, but it is all moving ahead as fast as I can go. Off to California in two weeks for another seminar, then to India. After that to Morocco and back to the US. I will have heaps of material for publication after that. Thanks for your support