Video Clips….Various.

Interview at Orlando just after the Aquaponics Association conference.
In this segment Murray discusses the fish and plants in his Aquaponics system.

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In this clip Murry tells how the first DVD was made and what kind of information is available in the DVD's

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Murray on the Aquaponics Association Conference.

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Aquaponics is Easy.  Are there any problems?

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8 thoughts on “Video Clips….Various.

  1. i did like you did but only a few gold fish put them in an old bath had them for about nine months they went from one inch to 6 inches and started dying changed water & bath got air pump from sa air pump fish ok other fish died now got 15 more goldies doing well gone from 1 inch to 5 inches in about 8 months have no idea uow much to feed them i give them 2 feeds a day water is not clear 2 baths in poly house growing vegies toms cabige herbs celery had a mouse plage. will have to get some of your dvds have youed youred emails to get as far as i have thanks amill david.

    • Hi David,
      Sounds like you may be overfeeding your fish. Cut the feed back. Most folk overfeed their fish which results in bad water conditions.

    • Hi Laurie,
      3/4″ or 20mm gravel is fine. Make sure there is no limestone in the gravel or you will have ongoing pH problems.

  2. great advise can i used a filter with uv will that cause any problems with the system thanks again murray

      • it was just a question im using a standard pump and bio filter in my pond with gold fish the plants are starting to grow now its been about 7 weeks mother nature is taking over

  3. i want to hook up three grow beds to my pond how do i keep waterflow the same to each grow bed i mean the same pressure can you help