Learn About Aquaponics.

Immediate on-line viewing of the complete DVD.
.Aquaponic Secrets DVD by Murray Hallam.

The companion DVD to the highly successful "Aquaponics Made Easy" now takes you to the next level in your Aquaponics journey.

Over 90 minutes of quality information.
Topics include

  • Mature systems explained.
  • Grow bed zones, Salt baths.
  • Dealing with pests.
  • Fruit trees, Fish stress
  • Floating raft, Swirl filters.
  • Duck weed, How to raise seeds.
  • Aquaponics for profit .GO HERE to view on-line the full 90+ minutes DVD.   Only $18.90 by PayPal payment for immediate access.   An access link will be sent to your email address within minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Learn About Aquaponics.

  1. Hi question on this, how many times can I watch the video online is only one time view or as many as I want or does it have a limited time per view? thank you.