GroPockets – A Better Way To Grow.

GroPocket.  This is fitted to a standard 100mm (4") PVC pipe to make a very functional GroTower.

GroPocket. This is fitted to a standard 100mm (4") PVC pipe to make a very functional GroTower.

GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical GroTower growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled into PVC pipe and hold the plant crowns above the wet root zone. Special low volume sprinklers are used to distribute the nutrient solution for hydroponic and aquaponic systems.

It is faster, easier, and cheaper to eliminate the growing media inside the pipe. Plants are easier to harvest without having to untangle roots from media. This design facilitates the lowest operating cost of any vertical growing system. Commercial Aquaponics and hydroponics growers can now have the advantages of higher plant densities in greenhouses with low labor cost.
GroPockets are sold individually or in sets. Quantity discounts for commercial aquaponics and hydroponics users are also available.
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GroPockets. from Murray Hallam on Vimeo.

Solar Powered Aquaponics GroPockets. from Murray Hallam on Vimeo.

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28 thoughts on “GroPockets – A Better Way To Grow.

  1. Dear Mr. Murray, I’m Rogério, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite having some difficulties to understand your fast Australian accent English (but I’m improving), realy loved this GroPocket System. Great idea. Thank you very much for letting me know of it. Regards.

  2. love the grow pockets system, I am trying to help some kids in an orphanage with some life skills before they leave, can we make these??… just a thought, as money is very hard to come by for them??

    • Hi Robby, We already help many charities. Sorry, but there is a limit to what we can give away. I hope you can get some donor to support you.

  3. Hey murray i have tried to find the construction of this tower can you please give me a link? and also my clay pebbles seem to be floating in my bed for 2 days now and no signs of settling. The stand pipe is the correct height. I have an IBC tank 3 grow bed system and I was wondering if i cut plywood to the shape and weigh the clay down? cheers

    • Hi Link to construction video is sent to those who purchase the pockets. New construction video being produced now for general distribution.
      Clay pebbles will sink if they are good quality ones such as CANNA brand. Most low cost “china” ones give problems. Just have to be patient with them and hope they take up moisture and sink for you.
      Hope this helps

  4. thank you very much. It’s a big breakthrough;
    but i have some difficulties to understand all pronounced words

  5. Too work out how many GroPockets I need What is the vertical plant spacing and distancce between towers as a rule of thumb.

    • Hi Tony, The spacing we have is 450mm. You could go closer but the lettuce and greens can grow pretty big.
      The GroPockets are spaces vertically 150mm apart but are actually offset side to side so you can get 10 pockets onto a 1800mm length of 100mm pipe.
      We will be putting out a construction video very shortly.

  6. Hello, I’m a US expat living in Taiwan ROC. I like the gropockets information. Please keep it coming. Is there a way to buy your products online and have them shipped here? Also where do you suggest I learn about polytunnels? And more specific how do polytunnels hold up in typhoons? Thanks in advance

  7. Murray, firstly thanks SO much for taking the time to do the Grow Pockets videos. We have just finished putting together 2 x 9 pocket towers on a “4 space” frame detailed in Cindy and Sandy’s website. Now waiting for them to send me a pump. (We were just about to go with diy towers full of media when I found your site. Took the clay pebbles back and ordered the GrowPockets).

    Now, my question – we were about to go hydroponics and indeed purchased some chemical nutrient concentrate from the local hydro store. I now suspect they might be more into supplying growers of illegal stuff and considering we want to eat our greens not smoke them (!), I’m thinking that organic hydro or aqua must be the way to go.

    Qu1: would it be feasible to run our 4 x 9 pocket towers from an a small aquaponic tank with say koi? I see in your vid you use what is presumably quite a big sump tank. We have the towers set up on a Florida pool deck so space is a bit limited right now. Would 17 gallons be too little to sustain fish? (It’s pretty hot here too in summer)

    Qu2: If not, is there an organic hydro nutrient solution you’d recommend?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Patrick,
      I think 17 gal will not be enough…sorry. Maybe easier at this stage to try and track down an organic hydro nutrient mix. You could set up the system and run it on Maxicrop with fish emulsion. See how that goes. It should work for you. Please keep me posted on your outcomes.

      • Growpockets pump arrives Monday. Getting excited. I am raising seedlings in Jiffy peat pellets and then popping them into 2″ netpots when they develop real leaves. I’ve topped up the pots with compost and vermiculite (not a lot) and am growing them on – they’re developing roots nicely through the pots.

        Question – when I pop them into the GrowPockets, do I wash off the compost/vermiculite first please? I’m going with Hydro for now btw.

  8. Hi Murray, I have ordered a GroPocket kit but have yet to receive. When i set it up, how do you go from the 100mm bottom combination back to the sump? And do I need a separate pump or can I add it off existing? I currently have 4 grow beds and the fishtank (all IBC) being pumped from the sump. It is a 4000LPH pump.

    • Hi Fran, We are waiting on stock to arrive. Held up in Customs sorry. It takes more pumping power to lift the water up to two meters for the towers so you may need another pump to do that. Set them up first and try it, see how the existing pump handles it and if not good enough rearrange the plumbing to introduce a second pump. We built ours to be high enough at the bottom so that the 100mm pipe will just go over the top of the edge of the sump and down into the sump.
      I hope this helps.

  9. Hello Mr. Murray.
    I was wondering before ordering your GroPockets system if i need to buy a separate High Pressure Pump (or Low Pressure pump) in order to make the sprinkler working (especially if they are misting sprinklers).
    Thank you

    • Hi David,
      You may need to run a separate pump. It depends on how much spare capacity your existing pump has. Plumb the towers up on the existing pump, but in such a way so that you can easily bring another pump into the system if you find the existing pump is not enough. They are not misting sprinklers.

  10. I have a question. What are the dimensions of the gropocket 4 tower 5 ft system? I’m planning a project and what to know where I can maximize my space and budget.