Fish Food – How Much Do I Give Them Per Feed.

Fish Food—Feeding your fish using commercially available sinking or floating pellets.

The fish food we supply is suitable for all Australian Natives.
The fish food has NO land animal content.  This is a very important consideration. Land animal content is usually made from lot fed beef ot swine leftovers that are laced with antibiotics and the like.  These unwanted drugs will end up in you and your family when you eat the fish you have raised.

Be careful not to over feed your fish. This results in wasted food and fish food lying around on the bottom of the tank can cause an increase in the ammonia levels in the tank.
There are formulas that can be used to calculate exactly how much food to give your fish per day.  The formulas are grams of food per grams of fish weight.  To exercise the formula correctly requires that a number of fish be caught and weighed on a regular basis, establish an average fish weight, then  calculate the correct amount to feed.

For domestic home based systems this is impractical, so a “by observation” method is better employed.
Observe carefully as the fish take feed. Any food not taken up within 20 minutes or so is too much. Regulate the amount of food given to the fish at each feed time by observation. If your new fish are very small, use a coffee grinder or similar to break down some of these pellets into finer particles for the new small fish to consume.
Gradually increase the size over the first weeks until they are feeding on the full size pellet. New fish will not usually feed much in the first few days., so be patient with them giving them small feeds until you see evidence that they are feeding. If you disturb the fish this may put the fish off their food. Changes in temperature and other conditions may also put the fish off feeding.

It is a common problem, overfeeding the fish…so exercise caution.
Australian natives, almost withour exception can go for extended periods of time without being fed.   If you need to go away for a week, it is better to purchase an auto fish feeder device (available from most aquarium shops) to give a regulated amount of feed per day.   If you cannot do that, it is better not to feed them rather than get a neighbour to take care of the task.   Most inexperienced but well meaning folk will overfeed your fish, resulting in an excesses of rotting fish food in the tank which will cause an ammonia spike and the possibility of fish deaths.

I hope this is helpful.


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