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Practical Aquaponics Visits

We are located 45 km south of Brisbane CBD towards Beaudesert, and would love to meet you and show you around.  However, we are not a retail store and visits can only be made by appointment.   If you'd like to consult Murray, please go to the Consultation page for further information.

Greenhouse Visits

During the visit, you will see how the Aquaponic system works and the plants and fish it produces.  We love to share what we do and welcome visits to our greenhouse, but must ask you to make an appointment by email.  Greenhouse visits are held on a scheduled weekend once a month at 10:00am until 11:00am.  Please plan to have any groups with young children chaperoned.  Visits cost $15.00 per person unless you are visiting on a week day.

Personal Visit 

Personal visits cost $30.00 per person, can be held throughout the working week and run for an hour.  Please phone for an appointment.

Group Tours

Groups are shown around the greenhouses and can watch how an Aquaponics system works.  These tours last for an hour.  Please call to make an appointment for a group tour, both small or large groups are welcome.  Payment by negotiation.

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8 thoughts on “Education

  1. Dear Sir
    i have slowly Become your Fan
    you have done amazing hard work in aquaponics in just 10 years

    want to learn and earn with passion of having organic food for home with profit having big enough a project and not a very big project

    is it worth to go and spent nearly 1k USD If my wish for say a few years is just to go for a small project?
    Aqua can be my full time job in a few years
    i have been miss informed by people who are in Drip irrigation–poly house-green house-hydroponics project suggesting it cant be a success
    but your videoes suggests the other way around
    being an Agriculture graduate there is a natural magic how aqua works and you have put it to the world in the simplest possible way

    my point is that if i can get detailed project drawings ,videos and list of required material etc + some tricks and techniques for a small 5000 Sq ft project i can pay your fees and be guided

    also i believe we may not need controlled hydroponic systems which r very costly for aqua which is nearest to the mother nature
    and we can simply provide protection from high wind-heavy rain-heavy sun to the plants & fish
    my e mail

    hope to get a reply

  2. Hi,
    I just started my Gold membership and I cannot find the DLC (downloadable content) can you please share the link for the video content. I would like to start watching the courses and possibly download for off line viewing.

    • Hi Keith,
      The videos are not downloadable…..sorry. They are for on-line viewing only.


      • Can you please let me know where I can view them as I have tried and tried to locate them and I cannot find any thing.

        • Hi Keith,
          I presume you mean videos?
          See “Aquaponics – How Easy Is It?”
          on the right hand side of the page under GOLD membership.

          • Murry I love how you are so responsive I am looking for the setup of a system from start to finish the construction of the bell siphon and the ration of the pipes fill to drain needed. I setup an AQP (Aquaponics) in the past and didn’t have things setup correctly. I was hoping that you had a full video collection in the gold section that would allow me to go through the videos at my pleasure so I can identify where I messed up. I keep going around and around look for videos the one that I did find does not go in to the detail that I was lead to believe was given.

            Thanks I look foward to your response