Countdown – Aquaponics FloMedia 4 day Farm Workshop.

It is getting exciting.  Only a few days to go and we will be into our first ever Australian Aquaponics Farm Workshop.
We have guest lecturer Dr Wilson Lennard all booked and ready to fly in early Monday morning.  He will be, as usual a wealth of information as he takes you through the various aspects of Commercial Aquaponics.  Additionally we have a Greenhouse expert coming for day 3 of training to discuss all aspects of greenhouse technology.

Day one will commence at the beautifully appointed Jimboomba Tavern and we will cover in detail the science of Aquaponics, microbiology, fish and plant health. In the practical sessions we will look at system elements and discuss what goes where in an aquaponics farm build.

Practical Aquaponics FloMedia build

Running the air at full throttle in the main fish tank. We have just filled the system with water from the dam and we are hoping for a very quick "cycle" to be ready for the fish.

We have been busy building a display / instruction area where the hands on training will be carried out.  We have had days of torrential rain followed by stinking hot days.  That is the nature of late summer weather here in South East Queensland.   Days have ranged from 28 to 33 degrees C  (83 - 93 F) .  So make sure you bring a sunglasses, hat and sunscreen for the outdoor segments.
Participants are coming from every state of Australia except Tasmania, from Tokyo Japan, Estonia and Israel.

At this time of writing there are 4 spaces left unfilled at the regular price of 1290.00 per person and reduced price for spouse or business partner.  Go here to book. Click on the "Buy Now" button and follow the prompts.

If you are thinking of coming book now......sorry, you cannot just turn up on the day.  We have to have numbers for the caterers and venue organisers.

Practical Aquaponics loading the gravel into the grow beds.

Loading the 20mm (3/4") gravel into the new grow beds. The auto siphon assembly can be seen.

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