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    • Hi Janet,
      If you have a paid membership then go to your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment. That will automatically take you out of the system in this blog at the same time.
      I hope this helps

        • Hi Aj,
          I have checked your membership and I can see you became a silver member at Wed Mar 4th, 2015
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    • Hi Siddharth, I guess anything is possible, but I doubt it would be economically viable. Regards Murray

      • Hi Murray, I love your videos. sometimes we might need to leave economics out of science. Anyway may I know where are some of your gardens? My brother is in Australia right now and I want him to check out the Aquaponics project.

          • Hi,

            Oh “Economic” comment was regarding you reply to Siddhart’s question.

            Mainly I wanted to know about locations of Aquaponics farm in Australia. As my brother is Australia I am going to request him to see and understand stability issues regarding Aquaponics. I wanted to build a farm in India. For finance I needed his help.

            Regards Laxman

  1. I have a few queries
    1. we have a 1000 L fibreglass tank system and 1500 L capacity grow beds all under shade cloth in an enclosed plant house – keeps the tropical rain and hot midday sun off to maintain temp and still let sun in; and keeps out most of the white fly.
    2. Out of originally 18 6 inch barramundi 8-9 months ago in this new bigger system we now have 2 left ( approx. 0.75kg each) as the others have all died ? related to pH. We initially had problems with low pH and added a lime brick; but in the last few months we keep getting pH way too high and despite removing the source of lime we have had to constantly add acid buffer, a little at a time (HCl acid). A week ago it was right for a few days but with no change in fish or number of plants the pH has shot up again to >7.5.
    3. We added 3 boxes of worms 3 weeks ago ( previously no worms). Water temp has been controlled at around 25 deg C.
    4. we realise we need more fish but don’t want to lose them so would like to solve this before purchase if possible. The barra will eat any smaller fish! What other fish could we use in NQ ( tilapia are illegal in Qld) ? Also we don’t know where to find a supplier of different fish. Perhaps we can catch them but which species?
    5. the book keeps mentioning fish contributing to ammonia in the system but it is unclear whether this ammonia is increasing or lowering pH; Perhaps we just need to urgently get more fish? we have great tomatoes and Asian greens (and lettuce and cabbages but they are not hearting just leafy). We also have aphids but are using a non fish toxic home made spray.

    • Hi Reg,
      The best fish for your purposes is Jade Perch. It is a bit early in the season to get them but contact Ausyfish at Childers. They send all over Australia. Barra are just too hard for home owners in my opinion, especially as a first fish. I cannot tell why the Barra have died, sorry, but they very easily get white spot and the like. Stress is the biggest killer of fish in home systems. Your pH swings are a mystery on the info you have given. Do you have a master test kit? do you test at the same time each day? What is the pH of the input top up water?

    • Reg Vaughan, where are you in NQ. I am near Mackay. Would love to catch up. I’m just in the process of starting a CHOP 2 system.

  2. Im in Huntington Beach CA. My ammonia levels are thru the roof because of our water supply(chloramine) i have added twice the amount of D-klor and the levels are still over 8ppm…water out of the tap is at apox. .75 i did treat some tap water and the level dropped to about .50ppm. I did put 1/2 tsp ammonia in the tank the first day and have not added any since. on day 6 now. I also have nitrites and nitrates showing. plan to do a partial water change but don’t know if that is a good plan.

    • Hi Jill,
      Just wait a day or two, things should start to settle down. The Nitrite and Nitrate are appearing so that shows that the system is cycling. Don’t add any more ammonia. I hope this helps

  3. Hi Murray, found your site through looking at the waterfarmers site and then the project in Oman that they listed there. I am in Oman and would love to connect about some plans I have to start a small commercial operation here.
    Mike Ison

  4. Hi Murray, thanks for your ongoing efforts researching and evangelize Aquaponics. I have learned a great deal. I am just about ready with my geodesic dome greenhouse (, so it is time to think about the growbeds and piping. I watched several videos in which piping is done with 1″ pipes. I bought some 1″ pipes to fiddle around with and I have the impression that my pipes have a smaller diameter than the ones I see in the videos. My brother told me that in some other countries then the Netherlands the measerements of piping is the inside diameter, whilst here in The Netherlands it is the outside diameter. The 1″ pipes you use, are they 1″ inside or 1″ outside?

    • Hi Lorenz,
      Now here is an interesting thing. I have gone outside and measured our 1″ pipe (25mm) It has the manufacturers stamp on it as 1″ or 24mm pipe. Cat 12 pipe.
      Outside dia is 32mm
      Inside dia is 28mm

      It is deemed to be 1″ or 25mm nominal bore. The outside diameter stays the same but the inside diameter can change depending on the rating of the pipe. The heaviest high-pressure pipe has an inside diameter of 1″ 0r 25mm and lesser pressure rated pipe has a thinner wall thickness and therefore a bigger inside diameter.

      So, there…..I learn something new every day.

  5. Hi Murray,
    Just tried to sign up for Gold membership and everything worked down to the last step. The fraud detection line had no code in it to copy. There was just an icon in place of a code. Tried it a number of times but no luck. Still want to sign up. Please advise.

    • Hi Darel,
      I just tested the system by registering for access to the website using a made up name and email address. That process was successful. I then went to sign up for Gold Membership and the system pointed me directly to Paypal as it is supposed to do.
      Sorry, I would love you to be able to sign up and enjoy Gold Membership but I am at a loss to discover why you might be having trouble.
      Only one thing I can do is turn the Captcha off and perhaps that will help you.

      Give me a few minutes to do that and then see how you go.

    • OK, I have turned the Captcha off and will leave it off for a few hours so you can attempt to get registered for Gold Membership level.

    • As a matter of interest, are you attempting to register using a smart phone or a desktop of some sort?

  6. Murray,
    Love your stuff.
    I have a quick question for you.
    I’ve been working in Kuwait and Iraq (defense contractor) and have purchased a lovely parcel of land in south eastern Alaska. It;s a temperate rain forest (140 inches of rain per year, moderate temps), so water conservation isn’t an issue. I like quadraphonics for it’s overall efficiency.
    My question runs to the frivolous side of things; Is the water from an aquaponics system “clean enough” to be used in a “natural” swimming pool? My wife and I are thinking of a large greenhouse enclosure with the “{sump” of the quadraphonics system being a nice swimming pool for ourselves before it’s pumped (CHOP) uphill to the fish tanks (our site is steeply sloped).

    Thanks if you can share any assessments on this.

    Glenn and Rubgnapa

    • Yes Glenn, Natural swimming pools are just wonderful. The Aquaponic garden beds will filter the water beautifully.

    • Hi Glenn & Rangnapa,
      Not sure if I replied to you via email at this time, but in short your project sounds most interesting and I would love to see photos. Natural swimming pools are fantastic. My good friends at Greenlife Aquaponics in Texas USA have a fantastic natural swimming pool stocked with Tilapia. Great idea.

  7. Hi Murray,

    Was wondering if the film of the airlift pump had been uploaded for the gold members as yet. I have periodically been checking, but have not noticed it as yet.



    • Hi Kevin,
      I am still running experiments on the airlift pumps and will put some video up when I am satisfied and very clear on the operation of these devices. It may seem strange because I have utmost respect for Glenn M but I just need to prove it to myself.

  8. Hi Murray. Does the Aquaponic Build Plan Collection contain the same info as Aquaponics DIY?

    • Hi Vincent,
      One plan is in both but the Build Plan Collection contains three other plans for different levels of complexity.

    • Hi Peter,
      Beer is a good way, partly bury a beer can or similar on an angle so that the lip of the can is level with the surface of the gravel. Add beer to the vessel. Evidently the snails and slugs are attracted to the smell of the beer and crawl in and drown.

  9. My name is TL Campbell I would like to request a foreword to my new book entitled the complete aquaponics greenhouse compensium. I would be honored if Mr. Hallum would consider writing it.

    • Hi TL,
      I would be interested in doing this but I will need to see the book before I can wrote a forward to it.
      Perhaps you could send me a copy please.

  10. Hi Murray, after years of research, I have now retired and have at last found some ground to build my Aquaponic system on. It will be a chop2 based system with 3X1000 ltrs fish tanks, 6 X400mm deep IBC grow beds filled with gravel, and one DWC bed 6.9 X1.7 mtrs X 300mm deep.
    I am trying to work out the size of sump tank I need for this setup but I can’t find any info on the actual volume of water in these grow beds when also filled with gravel. I don’t want to have too small a sump tank, but neither do I want one too big as space is limited in my poly tunnel.

  11. Hi Murray, I am setting up a chop mk2 system and the ibc’s i’m going to use have had Polyol in them. I’ve read that it is water soluble but I wanted to know if you’ve come across it and if it is ok? Thanks for your time. Ray

    • Hi Ray, There are numerous things that come under the heading of Polyol. Sorry, can’t say. Need to have much more of a description.

  12. Murray I think I’m having problems linking my paypal payment to my account. I registered for the Gold account and paid, but can’t access those materials. Any help?

    • Hi Cody, I have sent you an email a week or so ago. You cancelled your payment so therefore the access has not been granted by the system.

  13. Hi Murray,

    I am aware of some cheap ibc’s near me. My only concern is that they have had detergent stored in them. The owner assures me they have been washed and are safe for aquaponics.

    Do you think it is safe, since they have had chemical detergent in them, rather than a food product?



  14. Hello, are you can open access to my gold member area. I split my account detail with my business partner with aquaponics. Thank you

    • Hi Roman,
      Your account shows you have accessed the Gold members area 9 times and the last time was
      Mon Jul 27th, 2015
      @ precisely 8:13 pm

  15. I am going to be starting my first aquaponic system here within a month. The videos I am seeing you are putting in very small baby fish. Can I do the same along but put in mature fish as well? Basically a mixture of sizes? My choice of fish is tilapia.

    • Hi Shawn,
      You might get away with it but generally it is not a good idea. When a system is new it is good to take actions that tend toward stability and comfort for the fish.

  16. Hi Murray,
    I have been helping a friend set up his aquaponics system.He purchased 4 bell siphons from you and we are just having a little issues .When 2 of them siphone for the first time the water does not stop,it just continues to trickle out not letting the bed fill up again.
    He has used blue barrels for his grow beds. Can you offer any advice to help this.


    • Hi Peter.

      If the siphon will start but not stop there is too much water flow.
      If the siphon will not start, there is not enough flow.

      The siphon MUST be perfectly vertical.

      The outlet of the siphon must NOT run uphill, even the slightest.

      I hope this is helpful

  17. Hi Murray,
    your site is great for understanding aquaponics, I launched next year
    I live in Champagne (France) and the climate is becoming drier.

  18. Hey murray I have been cycling my IBC 3 bed aquaponics system with seasol for a week now I have ordered a testing kit and also some rock dust. I have checked your online shop and i cannot see any information about mineral dust, So I purchased Do you think this will be ok? It says that it is organic and was the most purchased.

    Also I am in need of some potassium, iron, and Calcium additives.
    Could you please give me a few pointers on how and when to add them an also if i can buy them from you or your supplier?

    I have noticed that you had egg shells inside of a stocking. I have also seen oyster shells. I have nice organic free ranged chicken eggs (not sure if that makes a difference to the shells at all) but do you think oyster shells will have a bigger nutrient level and other trace minerals from the ocean?

    I have also read that some people add Himalayan pink salt into their rock dust or by itself to contribute to the missing trace minerals. Have you heard of this?

    Sorry for all of the questions but you get that when you know so much about it haha
    cheers mate

    • Hi Blake,
      Personly I stopped using the rock dust because it tends to block up the media bed over time, so go lightly with it and it should be fine.
      You can buy Potassium bicarbonate at most gardening shops or brew shops. Chelated Iron is also available at most gardening shops. Hydrated lime (calcium carbonate) is available in hardware stores. Seasol is hard to beat to provide all the trace elements.
      I hope this is helpful

  19. hi new to your web site but been watching you on you tube for a long time so i sign up on your web site then try to go to gold membership log on to my pay pal and it wont charge the amount i called paypal everthing is alright with my account can you help me please or is there anther way to pay thank you for your time sean

    • Hi Sean,
      I just went through the sign-up process for GOLD membership to test it, and it is working fine. Perhaps you can give it another try.

  20. Hi Murray, I would like to discuss the Gro Pockets with you. We are considering installing towers and might be interested in 100 towers or more.

    Kenneth Betts
    MEABT Ltd

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Best to use email
      my best email is murray(at)
      or go to murray(at)

      Talk soon

  21. hello Murray 🙂 im new to the aquaponics system. im having trouble with aphids and white flies i have used pepper and also chilli and garlic spray can not seem to shake the aphids ?? any ideas thankyou

    • HI JEN,
      We have had our best results for Aphids using IPM or “Integrated Pest Management”. That is, the use of beneficial insects. Green lacewings are particularly good at getting rid of aphids.
      The company to order from is “Bugs for Bugs”

      Whitefly are particularly difficult to deal with. I do not have any whitefly at the moment but expect them to return now that the weather is warming up. Hopefully I will be able to post a method soon once I trial it for a few weeks.

      I hope this is helpful

  22. Hello Murray,
    I was at a class in Florida a couple years ago where the ladies had a commercial farm. I got the plans for the home set up and Im just now in place to begin. Have the plans changed or is there an update if they have?

      • I looked for a name of the plan that came in my workbook from class at Green Acres. It just says (system build) it describes itself as 100 gallon or more tank, 4’x4′ media bed, 4’x8′ sump that also doubles as 4’x4′ dwc trough.

        • Yes, that plan set is still buildable, although we will be resurrecting our original plans for a system very similar to that and publishing them very soon.
          I hope this helps.

    • I understand you already have the Seed Raising Kit. Hope it works very well for you.


  23. Hi Murray,
    Do you have any information on a release date for your video “Aquaponics for Profit”?

    • Hi Mark,
      It will not be for some time as yet. We had a disaster with a big hunk of the footage. So, re filming as we can. We are producing a set of on-line lessons which will be better anyway. We have come to realise that a 90 minute video just is not good enough for someone wanting to go commercial, not enough in-depth info can be packed into 90 minutes.

  24. Hi Murray,
    Well after 7+ years of trouble free Aquaponics (Silver Perch), Woke up to worst nightmare All 20 (10in) Silver Perch & 5 Orange Barbs(to help eat the algae), Floaters!!! Only 1 orange barb survived!! 1000 litre Fish tank, 3 grow beds,About 300ltr of growing media, Over the last couple of weeks the grow beds have started to sag in the middle due to rusting frame so have had to continually monitor water levels due to overflowing water over top of grow beds,” I THINK” that what happened was the water level fell low & the flow was insufficient to create enough oxygen by the water motion and the 2 air lines were not enough to provide the emergency air bubbles “I THOUGHT” they would provide, (All the fish had gaping mouths like starving for air), The only other thing different was a couple of unripe tomatoes in the fish tank and a bit more leaf matter than usual, Plus very unseasonable HOT weather the last couple of days, (nothing out of the ordinary for Perth & have had these fish for a couple of seasons now), I’ve tested water after getting fish out,(some still soft), Ph was normal as was Alkalinity, I think I’ve explained the best I can , I would hate to waste these fish are they still edible? Thanks Bj

    • Really sorry to hear that Bj. If they were floating they had been dead for a few hours when discovered. Some are comfortable with eating such fish. Generally, if their eyes are still clear it is OK….so I am told. It is entirely up to you on that one. I know from hard experience just how you feel right now.

      • Thanks for comment Murray, About 9 days later now & I still feel devastated, Any way NOW with no fish in tank I have no excuses & will repair rusty framing, Dig out all the old root material from grow beds, Spruce the whole lot up, Buy some more fingerlings a wait for them to grow,AND this time now there are no fish & with hindsight I can line the fish tank with fishing net BEFORE putting fish in, to make it easier to catch them when full size, you’d be surprised how HARD it is to catch fish in a barrel !!! Oh Yeah the fish were all scaled & gutted had the worst looking one for dinner that night & if I wasn’t aware how it died I would still declare it one of the best fish I’ve ever eaten!! Mind you the cook is a beauty & Keeper!! Thanks again. Bj

  25. HI MURRAY ,my tote system is going strong now it,s been 8 months & everything is going great ,what i wanted to know was ,is there any reason you can’t add another 1000 ltr tank to the tote system ,does it mean i can just add more grow beds cheers from mick in kalbarri wa .&merry christmas to you & your family….

    • Hi Mick,
      Yes you can add another tank and grow beds if you wish, many have done that with good success. Merry Christmas to you too…..may your plants grow wild and your fish grow fast.

  26. I have not received any email from my membership and beleive i missed notification about a course in Perth. I am in Kalgoorlie and want to do a course but cannot get over east with out a massive expense

    • Hi Nicholas,
      We will have an on-line course available in about 4 months. That will, most likely suit you better. If you would like to be kept informed please go here and register your interest and to be kept informed when the course will be available.

  27. Hi Murray, I purchased the 3 pack of dvd’s from you and appreciate the quick delivery. However since I have had them I have not been able to watch them. My fiance has tried on her laptop too but no joy. Is there a program that I should download so as I can watch them? Thanks

    • Hi Justin,
      Most, most unusual for all three not to be working. I would strongly suggest that there is something wrong with your equipment or you do not have anything on your computer capable of playing a DVD. Any DVD playing software will play the videos on your PC or MAC.

  28. Hello, Murray

    I’m wondering if you have any downloads for some of these DVDs. I’m hoping to avoiding shipping costs to California.
    Thanks, Drew

    • Hi Drew, If you look through the menu at right you will see all sorts of video that can be watched on line in the Gold members area.


  29. Hi there,

    Please cancel my subscription and any further payments.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Benjamin,
      You have to go to your Paypal account and cancel it in there…..sorry. It is the way the software works. Thanks for being part of our Practical Aquaponics network.

  30. Hi Murray,

    I am completely new to this aquaponics stuff… I live in Minnesota, USA, and am buying a pristine 300 acre forest with a lodge, sitting on a crystal clear aquifer, natural springs, rolling hills & meadows, and large and small ponds. I’m hoping to move onto the property this next fall, after I have green houses and a rather large studio built, including geothermal heat, so I can produce all year round. So excited to get into aquaponics!!

    I read your blog from yesterday talking about the trial run with Jade Perch. Of course, I know nothing and am totally inexperienced with this, but have you tried to grow and feed the fish duckweed? It’s a common lake weed here in the states. I have read it is like 40% protein, and can be dried and used for farm animal feed. I guess chickens and farm animals gobble it right up. Might even be self sustaining. It was one of the things that I was going to try.

    I also need to speak with someone there about retrieving my username (the real reason I’m writing). I’m pretty sure I know what my password is, but I am not able to login to send this comment, and I would like to. My email address is below.

    Thanks so much! I love what you are doing!

    • Hi Beth,
      Yes we have heaps of duckweed and you are so right it is very good. Jade Perch need the same growing conditions as Tilapia. Your new property sounds absolutely wonderful. Love to see it one day. I am very envious. I don’t think I could handle the winters you get there.
      Searching your email address in this sites membership brings up no results. Sorry.

  31. Have tried and tried to log in to my membership, and have been shut down every time. Can you please correct this problem and restart me, so I can regain my lost time?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I have looked at your membership and I cannot see anything amiss with your membership. Perhaps you need a new password. Would you like me to reset one for you or perhaps you can use the “Forgot your password” facility.
      Please advise.

  32. hi murray, it is michael from townsville, i have been feeding my jade perch mooring olefera leaves they love them i just break a branch off the tree and hang it in the tank it is demolished very quick. i have guppies in a couple of sumps and i dry the leaves by placing in a foam box branch and all the leaves dry and fall off the branch then i blend them, the little guppies go nut when i feed them. by the way had an MRI sunday and today went in to see the results, good news no cancer. cheers

    • Hi Michael,
      I am so glad you have received such good news. Really good. Thanks for the info re Moringa leaves. I have some seed someone has sent to me so I will be planting them. I will buy a tree from the plant nursery in Kyogle. I am sure that will have one or two I can get. What do you blend in together with the dry Moringa tree leaves?

  33. Hi Mr. Murray, I would like to join your class at Australia in month of June. Do you have any class in June?

  34. Good day Murray
    My name is Tjaart van der Walt and I attended your 4 day course in Stellenbosch.
    I would like to join as a Platinum member (as I am starting my Commercial Aquaponics business now), but I do not see what I must do (or pay) to become a Platinum member.
    I do however receive e-mails from you, so I am registered somewhere on your site.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Hi Tjaart,
      Did you open the Dropbox folder that was sent out to all the Stellenbosch participants?

  35. Murray,

    I believe that I recieved a free membership when i purchase your indy23 Plan & Build Set. Your invoice # 00013537 Dated 1/8/14. However, I lost my username/password. Could you please forward that info to me.


  36. Murray I have been trying to get access to your PDF on IBC build systems. You responded to me to become a gold member to gain this access. Now I can’t even log in as a bronze member? My username is sammy370 and email is Why do I no longer have login access??? I’m trying to become a gold member but this is getting very frustrating??

  37. Hi Murray

    Pulling out what’s left of my hair here… we have an IBC setup with fish tank and 4 growbeds. There were 50 rainbow trout in the fish tank but in the last 8 days we are down to around 30. In the first instance when there were 6 deaths we tested and reading were:
    Temp 18C
    PH 6.6
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 40

    This was the first time the Nitrate had shown above 0.

    We did a 1/3 water change, added 1/2kg of pool salt and turned on an aerator

    Since that time the Nitrate has dropped to 10, other readings are all still fine.

    Our research seems to indicate that Nitrate is not a major stressor of fish until it is over 100 but I also have read that rainbow trout are the ‘princesses’ of the fish world so may be more susceptible to things than hardier fish.

    Are you able to offer any advice/guidance for us mate?


    • Hi Brian,
      So true about Rainbow Trout. Water quality must be spot on and loads of aeration. All I can say is to water change with really good water, loads of aeration and feed very little till all settles dow.
      I hope this helps.

  38. Hi Murray, I would like to start commercial aquaponics in Spain and wanting to get a grant from the European Union. But, I need to work out the total costs. Do you perhaps have a spreadsheet that I could use to do this or know of something. My aim s to do 5 tunnels = 5m wide by 100m long. I need to work out costs of setting this up, along with a shed for the fish tanks. Are you able to help me?

    • Hi Graeme,
      All good questions. Our upcoming “Aquaponics Design Course” will have all the answers for you. How soon do you want to get going on the project?
      Best to communicate via email. murray(at)

  39. Hi,
    My name is Michael. I live in Ireland and am really interested in setting up an aquaponics system. I really like your youtube videos and website info. I prefer it to a lot of the sites selling plans form the US. have a few queries before I take the plunge.
    1. It’s June in Ireland. If I set something small (as a starter) in my garden will it be a bit late in the year for growing because of the climate here?
    2. If I set up a small greenhouse or pollytunnel here will I need a heating system in place for winter?
    3. You sell to people in the UK. What advice do you give about getting through the winter season?
    4. Do you have plans for starter kits and some instructions on how to get started?

    I’d like to give this a go and look towards renting a bit of land to try a larger scale next year.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Michael, Best to start with our DVD’s or if you are really keen on going big, we will have a complete on-line course available very soon.
      Go to our Facebook page “Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics”
      Keep an eye on that page and very soon we will be showing a series of free videos. You can join the site and become part of our Aquaponics family.


  40. Hello Murray, I was interested in attending your commercial aquaponics course in March this year, however it clashed with family engagements and I was not able to attend.

    Is there any transcript, course material or video available for purchase on this seminar or available to be accessed via your memberships??


    • Hi John,
      Our next 4 day Master Class will be August 29 to September 1, 2016, here at North Maclean Queensland. We are about 40km south of Brisbane towards Beaudesert.
      Bookings for the Master Class are open now. here

      We will soon be starting a series of free videos about Aquaponics at In a month or six weeks time we will be releasing an on-line course that will be very comprehensive. It is based on our Aquaponics Master Class material.
      You may be interested in these.

      I hope this is helpful to you.

  41. attempting to retrieve my password/ username and it’s telling me this site is not reigstered? So I am not sure where to go from here.

    • Hi Randy,
      Just checked your email and you are not a member of this site.
      Please email to me the amount you paid and the exact date so I can track it in Paypal and the email address you use for your Paypal account. Please do not those details in here, email them to me direct. murray(at)

  42. Hi Murray,
    May I please join up as a bronze member. The system doesn’t seem to be allowing my request to go through.
    Kind regards

    • We have closed the bronze membership off for a while…..sorry. We were having hundreds of spam signups, sometimes in an hour blocking the system and crashing it. So unfortunately we are not opening it for a while as yet.

  43. Hi, I’m interested in doing one of your courses in aquaponics but can’t attend the September one in Brisbane due to prior commitments. I live in Singapore but happy to come to Australia. Are you having another course early next year? Would be very interested if you are.
    Thanks and cheers
    Sue McLean

    • Hi Sue,
      We normally have a Master Class in early March each year.
      We will announce the date very soon.
      I hope this is helpful.


  44. Dear Mr. Murray Hallam
    While watching your Aquaponics Secrets DVD, you mentioned that it is possible to email you and ask for a copy of the shown nutrient lockout chart. I did 9 days ago, but never got a replay. I would be very delighted to get a copy (pdf?). You are doing a wonderful job – keep up teh good work. Thank you very much for your time and support.
    Best wishes Jaromir

    • Hi Jaromir,
      Just go to google images and search for “ph nutrient availability”. Since the making of the DVD there are now literally dozens of variations to the chart. Take a look there and choose the chart that suits you.


  45. Hello Murray, I live in Penrith NSW and would like to contact an aquaponics company that will do installation in my small backyard please. Do you know of any companyies in Sydney that do installations or even sell all equipment advice necessary.Thank you, Ellen

  46. Hi Murray, just paid for a gold membership but can’t seem to be able to access the on line version of your DVDs. Have watched them in the past on YouTube and the like but was wanting a more perminate viewing platform short of buying the tri pack as I need to recap as I’m finally building my ibc system starting tmrw. Can you please assist.
    Cheers, Wayne.

    • Hi Wayne, I can see you have logged in 11 times so it must be working for you. Regards Murray

      Joined = Sat Jul 30th, 2016 @ precisely 2:15 am
      Number of log ins = 11
      Last log in = Sun Jul 31st, 2016 @ precisely 6:41 pm

  47. Hi Murray,

    After years of watching your tutorials, reading all of your literature that I could get my hands on and becoming nothing short of fascinated with Aquaponics the day has finally come. On Friday we received delivery of our food grade IBC tanks and after a sleepless night full of excitement like a 5 year old on Christmas eve I spent all of yesterday chopping up tanks, setting up foundations, temporarily positioning the system and digging the sump pit. Thank God we have very sandy soil!

    Today I’ll be shoring up the ridiculously big hole I dug for the sump tank and tweaking levels etc before I start the next stage of pluming up the system.

    I must say Murray, after the best part of a decade battling a mental illness I can’t remember the last time I felt so excited about anything!

    I would love to send you some photos of my progress, what would be the best way to do this.

    Cheers, Wayne.
    Point Lonsdale, Vic
    Gold Member.

    • Hi Wayne,
      Yes, Aquaponics is addictive…..sorry about that! Glad you are getting into it. You will find it to be a most enjoyable activity.
      Send photos to my email murray(at) and or post them on our Facebook page “Aquaponics Made Easy”
      Looking forward to seeing your pix.

      • Wayne, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to deal with depression than to get your hands ‘dirty’ in gardening. It is very therapeutic. I hope it works well for you.

  48. Hi Murray, I’m looking at purchasing an off the grid property in Victoria and I have two questions.
    1. Will your system work in an area that has a very cold winter? Say down to 3-4 degrees overnight?
    2. Would your system be able to run off solar power? With a generator backup?

    • Hi Sue, Yes there are many people in Victoria practising Aquaponics. You will need a greenhouse of some sort to help protect the plants and fish. Yes the system can run off solar. After you get over the initial outlay, especially the batteries, everything will run just fine.
      I hope this is helpful.

      • Thanks Murray for your prompt reply. I’m talking with a solar guy now. What sort of Kwh do I need to run a small system. Say 4 beds and one fish tank?

        • Our INDY 23 system uses 140 watts 24 hours = 3.36kw per day That could be further reduced by switching water pumps off for 1 hour and on for 1 hour from 6pm to 6am.
          I hope this is helpful


  49. my CHOP2 system has three beds plus 700litre fish tank, it runs on 80Watt pump. THE SYSTEM IS FOR SALE for $450. Ken, 0419428039 (Warranwood)

  50. Hi Murray, Another question: do you have any yield figures for aquaponic tomatos. I am interested to see how many lbs per plant I can expect for various types of tomatos.

    • HI Pete, I varies widely depending on variety of tomato, but one can expect very conservatively 9kg +


  51. Hi Murray,

    I am interested in buying your book on Aquaponics. Pls advise

    Charles, ACT

  52. Hi Murray, I havnt accessed your website for some time and cant remember password or username,dementia setting in, can you help me please

  53. Gday Murray, I’ve mucked up the upgrade to gold by not upgrading my bronze account, please can you advise of the fix. Thanks, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,
      I have fixed that for you. The system should have emailed you a new password. You can change that if you wish one you log in.

  54. Hi Murray, So my new system has been going for 3 weeks now. I had built my own IBC system using 4 grow beds and on looking at your system it appears to be the same as your CHOP 2. I have only just started seeing Nitrate and Nitrite levels. I have 5 large gold fish to start but will soon send them to a pond for decoration as I will order some Jade perch now that I know where to source them. My question is, can I create a floating raft system to an extent in my goldfish tank? I just wanted to give them a breeding spot in the roots. Or would having plants (lettuces and basil) directly in the fish tank be to much.
    Thanks for you time

    • Hi Fran,
      It is not generally done to grow crops in the fish tank itself. If you intend the root mass to be a place to breed then when you harvest the lettuce etc, the eggas etc will be lost.
      I hope this helps.

  55. Hi, from portugal
    Love your work..I’dd like to start a business on aquaponics in algarve/Portugal.. I have no experience in gardening..where and how can I get there? what’s your advise for me? how to start?

    • Go to our free video membership website and watch all the short videos for a start. Soon we will be announcing the “Aquaponics Design Course” that will be run over a six week period. Video-based lessons together with downloadable PDF files and lesson helps. Keep watching for the announcement.

  56. hi murray. its been some time since i accessed the forum. i just tried to log in it would not work has it change? thanks jay

    • Hi Dolores, The free membership section has been closed because of massive spam attacks on the site. Only Silver and Gold are available at the moment.

  57. I see you are coming to Spring, Texas October 11-15th, My family and I are about to open a commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse in Porter, Texas. It is about 20 or 25 miles from Spring. Our business name is Living Green Aquaponics. Feel Free to stop by. I will see if my sister and brother can stop by and see you at the Spring conference. E-mail address

    • Hi Stacy, Yes I will be in Spring Texas on those dates. I am on a tight schedule so I doubt if I will be able to come see your farm. Will be nice if I can. Anyway you should take advantage of the training we will be delivering, there are spaces still available.
      See here

      Look forward to seeing you there.


  58. Can i please have a quote of how much TWO sets of Indy 23 fittings will cost to ship to the UK and also to Zimbabwe. I i would like to build a twin indy 23 and require fittings


    • Hi George,
      We are in the USA at the moment and will be here for the next three weeks delivering Aquaponics Master Classes. Please be patient and I will get the pricing done for you. Our “Flat Pack” includes the timber, foam etc and is therefore very bulky and not really suitable for export due to freight cost. So, as I understand it you require just the pipe and fittings together with pumps and accessories. Please advise your requirements.

  59. Once a gold membership is purchased, how long does it take to access gold members material?

  60. Murray where did you get your 2″ baskets for your GroPockets it seems that the ones here in the US are 2 inch yours something less than 50mm in that mine do not sit all the way in there. Got the ones from Texas as well and still not the right fit like your in the video.. So alsong you for a diffrent source *Oh yes the drilled holes are 2″)

    • They are the only two net pots types we have so there is not much we can do about that. Both are used very satisfactorily in the towers.

  61. Dear Sir, good day.
    I am Thomas yohannan from India, I would like to learn the aqua-panic method .kindly reply.

  62. Hi Murray, I am really keen to learn more about aquaponics and study the cert III that you offer. Is there a way I can get some more information as to when I could start, cost and delivery modes of study etc … I live in Brisbane.

    • Hi Tony, The course will start in the new year. Date not yet sent. Now that we have launched the on-line “Aquaponics Design Course” our attention will turn to getting the CertIII course up and running. We will make announcements via our website and social media as they happen.
      Thank you very much for your interest.

  63. Hi Murray, I would firstly like to compliment you on the amazing job, presentation and heart you have at the aquaponics.

    My question: I am in Canada Alberta, the temperatures do not allow growing outside. Do you have any growers here? Do you have any cost models and cash flows. I am wanting to get started but firstly want to work out the input costs and return. If the system pays for its self especially with our heating costs and lights, risk of Mold etc, my mail address is if any growers are in Canada i would also appreciate their input. regards Mike

    • Hi Mike,
      These are questions we answer in our training courses. Sorry, not being difficult. We put lots of effort into streamlining out information delivery in order to be able to assist a greater number of people. I am sure you understand. We have videos we are currently showing on our free video site
      I am sure you will find them to be useful.

  64. I have a 250 gallon Hot tub for my fish tank. I have a 4×4 grow tray on top filled with Hydrotron. I have a Bell Auto siphon. My pump is 250 gal per hour. It does not fill enough to trip the Auto Siphon and the water stays in the grow tray. What would be the capacity of another pump that will fill the tray enough to trip the Auto siphon? I only have the timer set to pump once a day. Is that enough times?
    My tank now has 50 gold fish till I get the fill and drain working right. thanks, Joe

    • Hi Joe, you need to decide on whether you are running a timer system or an auto siphon system. If sticking with the timer it needs to fill and drain every hour.

  65. Hi Murray. is there an email I can contact you on to discuss possibilities in South East Asia? I’d like to send you some ideas and discuss, . Thanks

  66. I am trying to create a new account. It is saying “User registration is currently not allowed.” Do I need to create a bronze account first before I upgrade to the gold?

  67. Hi Murray, my name is Alex a South African that moves to Portugal 16 heras Ago looking form peace of mind…… I have since bought a Large sector of 600 hectares that i Wolf love to implement your farming experience in growing both veggies and fish ……. Could I invite you to come over for a week to see how we could make this work on a large scale ? Please can you let me know if projects like this would be of interest to you I look forward to hearing from you soon

    • That would be most interesting thing to do Alex. Please let me know what you have in mind. murray(@)

  68. G’day Murray, I’ve been following your site for several years. I’m part of a group supporting a volunteer organisation, from Melb, but working in Kibera Slum, Nairobi. I am wondering if aquaponics might be one answer to providing fresh, high protein food to these poverty stricken people. I don’t know much about their access to water or electricity yet. Would have to be under shadecloth I imagine. Is there a basic, low tech, low cost, system that could be run either as family set-up, or as a larger, village-type system. It could not only provide food, but much needed employment, mostly for women? Would love your thoughts.

    • Yes it can be done, under plastic is better as heavy rain disrupts the nutrient balance. Water and reliable electricity are imperative. If electricity is not reliable it is best to use alternative ways of gardening and keep the fish side separate.

    • Hi Peter,
      I cannot see you in there….sorry. Bronze membership is closed at the moment due to multiple spam attacks. Will reopen soon.

  69. Hi Murray, I have been a Gold Member for several years but am currently unable to log-in. When I click on the log-in it does not give me the option to sign in, just takes me to membership options? Can you please help me?

    Thanks, Robert Lindquist

    • Hi Robert, I have looked at your account and cannot see anything wrong with it.
      You last logged in in October 2016.

      Try resetting your password.

      Let me know how you get on with that.

  70. Very interesting, we’ve been watching you on utube.

    Do you schedule any courses in Perth (or south west of WA)

  71. Ian having trouble accessing my Gold account. My login wasn’t working so I went to reset my password and it won’t send me a link.

    • Hi Jim, I can see you in there.
      You have logged in only once
      Sun Feb 19th, 2017
      @ precisely 1:26 pm
      Do you want me to set a new password for you?
      Or, would you like a refund?

  72. Hi Murry I imagine you may have answered this question before but I noticed while on course that your greenhouse and growing beds were orientated east to west. This direction would suit my land layout but I have been told orientation should be North to South. Do you believe an East West orientation will affect me on a commercial scale. I live on the Mid North coast of NSW

    Thanks in advance


  73. HI I tried to sign up for a gold account i tried to make a account and it would not let me. keeps saying wrong password when chrome saved it so i tried to reset it and i get nothing back.

    • Hi Gary, Your email address cannot be found in the system so your signup was not successful. Sorry. You need to start again it would appear.

  74. Hi Murray. We are just starting to get back into Aquaponics after a few years of not doing too much with it. Do you know where I can get Trout fingerlings close to Mudgee?

    • Hi Stewart,
      What password do you want and I will reset it for you.
      email me on murray(at)

  75. Hi Murray, Just wondering where you get your greenhouse/shelter from here in Australia preferrably in Queensland

  76. I have been trying to contact someone from aquaponicals your name was mentioned on their website I would love details on the aquaponical desktop system with a view to purchasing would you be able to give me their contact detail with a live person please if you are able
    Thank you
    Sharon Williams

  77. good day Murry i would like to formally communicate with you about a project, if i could get your e–mail address i would appreciate that. tried calling but realized its very late your end.

    • Some do that, it is lovingly referred to as “PeePonics”. Not my “cup-of-tea”, but hey, whatever works for you.

  78. I have tried to register as a bronze member but the system says that you are not taking bronze memberships at this time . Any help is appreciated

  79. Hi. I am trying to make a payment through your Paypal for but it seems not to work. I make the payment from KSA.

    Is it possible for your to activate a gold Membership if I make a money transfer from my Paypal account

    • I just tested it and it appears to be working this end anyway. Sorry you are having that difficulty.

  80. Good day Mr.Murray, I am Ronald 21 yrs of age. The concept and potentials of Aquaponics really caught my attention, i would like to have a better understanding about it. Hopefully, i could get in touch with you personally thru my email . I would really be grateful of your reply. Thank you!

  81. Dear Murray

    I live in South Africa, Western Cape Area, and all I can say is i want to start with Aquaponics, I have listened to many of your youtube videos and red all lot.
    My Question is do you have knowledge of the South African Area, and the Western Cape Area.

    Please Murray I would like to do this because I have found some great areas where people are keen to see the produce…..

    I Hope to hear from you soon…

    Brian Kruyshaar
    Western Cape, George

    • Hi Brian,
      I went to Stellenbosch around two years ago and ran a 4 day Master Class at the university. I gentleman in charge is “Henk”. Sorry, can’t recall his last name right at this minute. Aquaponics can be practised anywhere in any climate zone provided of course there are appropriate greenhouses etc.
      Our next on line “Aquaponics Design Course” will commence in October the first.
      See here for information on that course.
      I hope this is helpful to you.


  82. Good afternoon Mr murray
    I’m David Roman live in colombia and have my own fishfarm, also i’m convinced that Sustainability and environmental consciousness is the road to walk, that’s why i’m planning to start on the aquaponic industry but first i’m looking for a profetional and certificate program to get the right kwnoledge.
    may i find what i need with you mr murray?

    looking forward to hear from you and any information you could provide me.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi David,
      We have an on-line course that opens for registration again on October 1st.
      Our online “Aquaponics Design Course” will open for registration again 1st October 2017. Here are all the details of the online course

      Also, we have weekly free videos here

      I hope this is helpful to you.

      • Thanks Mr Murray for your quick answer, but i was thinking on taking the certified program right there in australia with you guys and have that great experience at hand, that would be just making a dream come true.

        really thanks for your assistance and help
        looking forward some personal guide

  83. Hi Ron, I can see that you have logged in 5 times so far. I cannot see anything wrong with your account. Click on any item that interests you and you will be able to see that item.

  84. I have sent an email related with the transport to the training venue of the 4-Day Aquaponics Master Class – BRISBANE – 4-7 September . Grettings

  85. Murray, I am building a 4 grow bed system based on your Toteponics 3 bed IBC system. Firstly, thanks for the detailed plan. Can you advise how I can adapt the plan to accommodate the 4th bed? Will it mean I need a bigger sump?
    Also, I can’t put my sump in the ground as its being located in my carport. I was intending to raise the fish IBC by 30cm and the grow beds by 90cm and leave the sump on the ground. Will this suffice for the gravity feed back to the sump? Also, I’m intending to locate the sump next to the fish IBC about 5 metres away from the grow beds – which will be exposed to sunlight. Will this present any problems at all?
    Ron McLay

    • Hi Ron,
      You will need to adapt according to your situation. We have not published any extensions to the Toteponics system. You may be OK with the same sump. You could connect another sump at the same level but remotely somewhere and use a balancing pipe. And the fall you have now should still work.

  86. hello mrs Murray.
    I’d like to know if you already have a presencial teaching eschedule program for 2018 in australia.
    if you have it, please let me know cause my objective is to travel and learn over there.
    thanks a lot for your help.

  87. I did the Design Course in APRIL 2017. Got results after THREE MONTHS. NO CERTIFICATE emailed or Posted. NO REPLIES from many POLITE ENQUIRIES ! …. Refund my money or send certificate IMMEDIATELY !

  88. Hi Mr Murray
    i’d like to ask you two basic questions about aquaponics:
    1. what are those water parameters I should check daily on any system?.
    2 what is the right crops area and fish production realation i should have?

    love your work
    thanks for your teachings.

    • Hi David,
      pH daily. Nitrates weekly. But it is up to you.
      The answer to Q2 is a bit more complex. It is actually about how much fish feed goes in every day and having enough fish to eat that amount of feed.

  89. I bought one of your power failure units what air pump do you recommend to pair with it?

  90. Hi Murray , this is Fi MacPherson and Art , (your South African fan club) , checking in to say hi , think and chat about you often , luv ya .xxx

    • Hi Fiona and Art,
      So nice to hear from you. I do hope all is well for your over there in SA. Yes, I think of you guys often. Was just looking at some of the photos a few days back. The meal in the restaurant with you all including Henk and his wife. Also some photos of the scenic drive we took up in the mountains. Very fond memories.

    • Hi Donna,
      You will not find it in here. It is sent out to all students as an announcement. Log into the Aquaponics Design Course and look at announcements, or look through your emails. It was also sent as an email to all students.

  91. Hello Murray,
    My name is Benjamin Schons. I have been growing plant hydroponically or aquaponically for 5 years now. IN 2015 i moved to Puerto Rico to design and build the worlds largest single facility of aquaponics. It was 40 ft wide by 200 ft long. it could produce 10,000 plants a month. Was wanting to get the honor of speaking with you about some of the thing i encountered when building the system, as it was the first aquaponic system i built, ( of course i bought your videos). Thanks

  92. Hi Murray, I’d like to read and learn more but can’t even join Bronze level are you able to direct or assist me at all?

    Steve D

    • Sorry Steve, we closed the bronze section down temporarily. We were having hundreds of spam attacks on that section every day, eventually crashing the site. We are soon to revamp the site.

  93. Very interested in doing the course, I have three overseas people that are interested, two from Indonesia and one based in Papua New Guinea. On your site it says a discount for the second person, is there any discount for the third also?



    • Hi David,
      The discount is for a spouse or business partner, sorry, not for a group o friends. So, if you are bringing your spouse or business partner, the spouse or business partner will invest 990.00 AUD

    • Hi Leroy,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      You need to go to your Paypal account and cancel from there. Unfortunately, we cannot do that for you. Thanks for your support and all the best in the future.

  94. Gday Murray , I am trying to grow strawberries in scoria in 100 mm pots , I have a 6mtr long 100 mm diameter pipe with holes that the pots sit in about 350 mm apart the roots of the strawberries are in the inside of pipe , I have found I have lost a lot of plants , the couple that have survived are struggling , yellow leaves with blotches of white , they have grown fruit but not much , the water comes from a old spa dug into the ground with about 25 silver perch with all the water returning via pic pipe , I also have tomatoes in 2 ibc grow beds that are growing fine from the same water that seem to be growing fine except they have white centres unless that is the variety , is there a chance the strawberries roots are not getting enough oxygen , although the strawberry stem is not submerged , any insight will be welcome
    Cheers Justin

    • Hi Justin,
      By your description, my best guess is that your plants are suffering from nutrient deficiency. Best to add some seaweed extract or better still a good quality kelp powder. Also, some iron will help.
      I have never been a fan of NFT. Plants can become root bound and suffer from low oxygen and nutrient uptake but by your description, the first problem is the nutrient deficiency.

      • Gday Murray , I tested my system and found the PH is up around 7.5 , what is the best thing to bring the Ph down , I topped my system up with bore water as tank water is not an option , the Ph of the bore water was at 6 but overnight it has gone back up to 7.5. There is some leaf matter in the fish tank will this cause the ph to go up so quickly ?
        Cheers Justin

        • Hi Justin,
          It is a good idea to keep the leaf matter etc out of the system but I doubt if the leaves you have could do that so quickly. 7.5 is not all that bad, give it time. Is the pH of 6, the actual bore water or the pH of the system before adding the bore water?

  95. When will your next aquaponics training courses open. Please send dates for the one you host and the online course.

  96. Hi Murray we are putting a new system in a hot house in Gippsland victoria. We have a 1000 litre IBC tank and 65 lx16 growth beds. Do we need to have a holding tank to top up the IBC tank when the water is out in the system? Can we run this system with a timer rather than circulating constantly? Will we need to aerate the bottom of IBC tank to stir up sediment?

    • Hi Janet,
      No, you do not have to have a holding tank but it is very helpful.
      Yes, you can run with a timer but be careful. Fish like to have moving water and water circulation to deal with the fish waste.
      Areation is very much needed for the sake of the fish in the fish tank which I assume is the IBC you are talking about.

  97. Hello Murray,
    I am based in Thailand. I ordered your CDs “Aquaponics Made Easy” and “Aquaponics Secrets”. Great info which I am using to test my small aquaponics system…on the balcony! I’d like to become a member of the Practical Aquapoincs, I tried to register but it seems that no new registrations are accepted at the time.

    I am ready to pay for a Silver or Gold membership as the benefits of getting advice from you are obvious.

    Please be so kind and let me know which are the steps I need to take in order to register!
    All the best,

  98. Good morning, Dr Murray. I’ve been following your work. Congratulations. My name is Virginia. I am a professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil. I would like to know the possibility of accompanying your projects, visits or courses in Australia, preferably in Sydney, from February to April. I want to do an aquaponic training. I set up 2 small projects in rural communities and now I am in the mission to set up a structure in the university. So I need to learn more to succeed. I appreciate your attention and count on your support.

  99. Hie Murray,
    I stay in West Bengal India and have started with a small Aquaponics system. I often go through your videos and find them very resourceful. I have started with some tomatoes and some chilies at my roofed terrace with gravel beds but the leaves of the chillies appear to be eaten by insects.. I dont know what kind of insect but it appears as if its been cut by scissors every day…. what should I do….

    Gagan Pokhrel