Murray Hallam

Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics offers consulting services on all aspects of Aquaponics and integrated Aquaculture technology.  Serious home food production systems or Future Farms.

Our service extends from initial planning, site assessment and feasibility studies, system design, plans and specifications, bill of quantities right through to commissioning and follow up hand holding.

Particular attention is paid to marketing strategies.

Trouble shooting for existing systems either at home or on the farm.

We provide management systems and protocols for fish and plant management and production.

Water Quality is a high priority in our designs.
Fish solid materials are processed and utilised in system design so that all available plant nutrients are made available for maximum, nutrient dense plant production.
Fish health and growth is maximized by good system practices and equipment design.

Our system designs are contemporary but kept as low tech as is reasonably possible. Sustainability and environmental consciousness is a very high priority.

Advices are provided on component and equipment procurement with a careful eye on quality and value.

Our services can be delivered by email, phone, Skype and face to face on site.

Practical Aquaponics services are based on actual experience. As our name “Practical Aquaponics” suggests. If we haven’t done it, tried it, implemented it or been involved in it before, we do not recommend it.

Our systems work. Guaranteed.

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Murray Hallam
Practical Aquaponics.

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38 thoughts on “Consulting

  1. hi Murray: can you please tell me the correct valor of nitrates for my system.i running a 500 titre two growing beds ,using rainbow trout ,vegetables are growing beautifully but wen i pull then out don’t last crisp very long the system is around 3 months old .i hope you can help me up…. best regards ….Francisco

      • Hi Murray first i would like to thanks you for you advice .my system now is improving gradually so i am very please about it .the reason for writing
        to you this time is what is the maximum levels off Nitrites on a system like my i am concern the are at bit high …hoping to hear from you soon .best regards Francisco

        • Hi Francisco,
          If your system has finished cycling, then you should not be seeing any Nitrite. Nitrite is very poisonous to the fish. If levels do not drop then you need to do a one third water change to dilute the Nitrite in the system and try to discover what is causing the problem.

          Nitrates in contrast to Nitrites, are not directly poisonous but levels greater than 300 ppm are not good for the fish or system.

  2. Hello Murray,

    Could you share your thoughts on natural methods to remedy aphid infestations. Our infestation is quite significant, and we can seem to get a handle on it with the use of benefical insects. We are confident that beneficials will work fine once we have a handle, but are curious to know if there is a way to rectify the situation’s level initially. We have started to research pyrethrum fogging a little, but are failing to find the answers we need. Do you have any thoughts on this process? I have read that it is harmful to fish, but if we covered our tanks, and applied the fog out and over our crops would that be okay? Could the product settle out on our rafts, and make its way into our water thus making its way to our fish, and be enough to harm them? Please let me know if you have had any experience with pyrethrum fogging and what your thoughts are concerning the process. Thank you, GRG Staff

    • Hi Michael,
      The best way to control aphids is by Integrated Pest Management. The use of beneficial insects is very effective. It may take a while to get them under control, but it is worth the effort. It keeps from using fogging techniques. Pyrethrum can harm the fish. If you do want to do that you would need to be extremely careful in application. Fallout is more controllable with spray rather than fogging. A little Googling should reveal a supplier of Green Lacewings and Lady Beetles. These two beneficial insects have proved to be very successful at my place in controlling aphids.

  3. hello Murray,

    Iam in India. how to learn aquaponics from you .pls help me. i want to learn in detail .

    • Hi, You have come to the right place. There is plenty of info in here at various levels.

      • Hello Murray

        is there any process to come there to learn aquaponics like visa and other things from your side or where to contact to in india regarding visa

        • Hi Chinnapa,
          You will need to contact the Australian Consulate in India in order to get a Visa to travel to Australia.

          • hello Murray

            how many days it will take for complete course + on field training so that i can contact australian consulate for that many days

            is there any offer letter that will be produced by you to submit at consulate


          • Hi Chinna,
            The Master Class is a 4-day class. The nexy class here in Brisbane is in March 2016.
            Yes, I am happy to write a letter for you. Please email me with your name , address etc so I can prepare the letter.

  4. G’Day Murry, I am new member. Want to set up for beginner IBC tote. You talked in CD of lay out. Is it possible to send me the lay out,
    Just Become a member . R there members in my area.
    Thanks Christiaan . Wingham NSW

    • Hi Christiaan,
      The layout / plan set is a part of the DVD “Aquaponics DIY” It is all in there. That can be sen in the Gold members section of this site.


  5. Hey Murray,

    Looking at setting up an IBC system in Springfield QLD (Ipswich). What would be the best fish to grow out? Looking at not using a water heater and concerned with the varying temps we have in the area. Would be approx. 700l tank (how many fish could I stock?). I was looking at Murray Cod or Silver Perch?
    Cheers, Tom

    • Hi Tom, Silver Perch are the easiest to start with and are very temp tolerant.
      Start with 50 with a view to harvest some as soon as they are big enough.

  6. Hi Murray
    I’m very interested in building an aquaponic system on my farm in Iran. I have 10 hectare land and I want to start 250m2 aquaponic system as pilot, and if it was good I will extend it to maybe 5 hectare. But the major issue that I am faced with is my water supply. I have two sources:
    Source 1: TDS= 3150 PPM PH=7.6
    Source 2: TDS =4530 PPM PH= 7.28
    I’m from south of Iran and we have hot and dry weather. Our maximum average temp is 45.8’C in July and the minimum average temp is 0’C in January which is another problem.
    What is your suggestion? Can I do aquaponic here?
    Do you think it is economically viable to use RO system to filter my water?
    I want to invest my time to learn aquaponic, if I have to ignore aquaponic, please tell me.
    If I have to ignore aquaponic, what do you think me to do with my land and water?

  7. Hi Murray,
    We are planning to start off an aquaponics system on a greenhouse of 1000 sq meters. We woukd like an end to end cosultation for the same. Would you be able to share a proposal for the same.
    If yes, then i could share my contact details and we can move forward.

  8. Murray, i’d love to come to Australia but I won’t be able to make it until probably next year. Are you doing any classes or have any scheduled next year?

    Also I’ll be fascinated to hear what are you think about vermiponics.

  9. Good day,

    I am a student from the Philippines, and I am having a really difficult time with my supposedly off-grid system here. All I needed to do at first was to try and power an 8W 240V (AC) water pump 24/7, and so I contacted someone selling solar panel kits, a solar specialist.

    What he gave me was a 100 W panel, with a solar charge controller, a 50 A 12 V battery, and an inverter to 220-230 V. I receive about 4 hours of sunlight in my country, and sadly right now it’s already rainy season. I thought what he gave me was enough to run my pump 24/7, but in the end it can only work for a maximum of three days, and then I have to wait for another day for the panel to charge.

    Right now I feel really hopeless and I don’t know what to do anymore since my calculations were wrong. Most probably I’ll fail in this research project if I can’t get it running on its own. I just need some help with the calculations, and maybe some free book sources online. Thanks so much for taking your time to read this. I really appreciate it.

    – Jeanne

    • Hi Jeanne,
      Unfortunately, that is the problem with solar. If the sun is not shining it is useless.
      You need more solar panels and batteries, it is just that simple and expensive. Also, you will need a petrol or diesel generator to assist the charging of the batteries in periods of prolonged rain.
      Right now I am in India with very limited internet so please get back to me if I can help you further.

  10. Hello Murray,

    I am planning to set up an aquaponic farm on a commercial scale in Rajasthan, India.

    Do you any plans to conduct training course in India in near future ?

    If not please guide me how to get forward with this idea.

    – Praveen

  11. HI Murray, Just wondering whether you are using any probiotics in your system to control ammonia levels. thanks. winston

    • Hi Winston,
      No, we rely on the natural biological action to convert the ammonia through to nitrates that are then used up by the plants.

  12. Hello,

    I am planning to start aquaponic farm on commercial level fulltime. Currently, I working in financial industry with no background in farming. (apart from gardening hobby at home, but nothing on commercial scale). I am very much intrigue by idea of aquaponic/aeroponic. I have gone through some of the your uploads on YouTube . I really like the way things have been explained and I have been able to increase my understanding about the topic through them. Among other thing, what I like most is the implementation of hybrid farm.

    I am stating in Delhi, India and would like to open up farm in Delhi/Jaipur. Can you please let me know what would be costing of setting up 1000sqm to 1500 sqm aquaponic farm. what support could I receive from your side. My understanding regarding the topic is very limited.

    Another question I have is that is it possible to combine aquaponics with aeroponics? As much I like aquaponic concept, I really like the concept of aeroponic. so would it be possible to test it on a small scale (within my farm installation)

    Kind regards