Clontarf High Does 12 Months On Aquaponics.

Clontarf High has completed the first 12 months operation of its FloMedia Aquaponics System.  The system is based on CHOP 2 making use of auto siphons to provide the ebb and flow action that is so important for good aeration in Aquaponics systems.

Clontarf High Aquaponics Educational system under construction December 2010

Clontarf High Aquaponics Educational system under construction December 2010

The install consists of 3 x 1250 ltr windowed fish tanks and 4 x media beds together with 2 x floating raft beds.

The system combines to work extremely well. The three windowed fish tanks provide excellent viewing allowing the students to conduct their science projects with ease.  Having three tanks allows for three different species of fish to be kept.   The water flow provides for excellent filtration and nutrient delivery to the media and raft beds.

Aquaponic Raft beds ready for planting.

Marine Coordinator Adam Richmond says the Aquaponics system has been a hit with the students.  "There is so much science we can teach out of Aquaponics "says Adam.   "The variety and scope of subject matter that can be taught is expanding each month, it is a very exciting teaching tool"

Aquaponic windowed fish tank

Windowed fish tank with Jade Perch and one Cat Fish.

                      The FloMedia system combines both Media and raft systems into one dynamic Aquaponics unit.

FloMedia Aquaponics systems.

          Murray Hallam's Practical Aquaponics.

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