Aquaponics floating raft systems an Aquaponics media based bed systems have been successfully combined by Practical Aquaponics to form an even more dynamic AP growing system.  Now you can grow a large variety of vegetable crops in your Aquaponics system.

Practical Aquaponics Clontarf HS FloMedia educational system

Large Educational FloMedia system being installed at Clontarf High School in December 2010

For over a two years we have been running combination systems here at our test facility and out in the field. Several very large domestic and educational systems have been running and showing excellent results.
This marrying together of both styles of growing methods gives us the best of both worlds in an Aquaponics system. We have coined the term FloMedia to describe this hybrid technology.
Floating raft systems are particularly suited to growing green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and the like, whereas media based beds give better results for fruiting plants such as tomato , eggplant, okra, and the like.  Some root crops such as Taro give excellent results in media based grow beds.

Taro grown in Practical Aquaponics system. This Taro "corm or tuba" went 2 kg.

Taro grown in an Aquaponics system. This Taro "corm or tuba" went 2 kg in weight.

At Practical Aquaponics we have refined the connection methodologies, the flow rates and nutrient distribution to make these FloMedia systems work to the optimum.
As per our normal practice we have  thoroughly tested and run FloMedia systems before we release information, specifications and build systems for our clients.  Each install is different, the site, the size and the proportions of each technology to be married together to form a wonderfully robust and productive FloMedia system.

Murray Hallam says "We anticipate FloMedia technology to be the mainstay of small to medium Aquaponic farms into the future".   "The small scale farmer will have the ability to effectively use all the nutrient produced in the fish side of the system, and the versatility of being able to grow a variety of crops in order to satisfy the needs of their restaurant and private clients".

Murray Hallam will be revealing the detail of FloMedia technology at the upcoming Practical Aquaponics May 5-8 2014 x 4 day training session near Brisbane Queensland.

FloMedia Aquaponics systems

FloMedia Aquaponics Technology.


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    • Hi Eric,
      The dates are 5,6,7,8 March.
      I will make the announcement in the next day or two once we hear back finally from the venue for the bookings of the indoor part of the course.
      Thanks for your inquiry.

    • Yes, eventually. We are working on our next DVD right now and it still has several months of work to be done before it is ready.