Aquaponics In Disney World.

That is right,
Practical Aquaponics in conjunction with Planet Stewards will conduct worlds best Aquaponics training and workshop right at Disney World Orlando September 16 thru 19 inclusive.

If you want to learn about Aquaponics this is an event not to be missed.

Practical Aquaponics greenhouse.

Murray Hallam in his FloMedia research greenhouse.

Learn and train hands on with Murray Hallam  - Aleece B. Landis (TCLynx) - Sahib and Cosmo.
Spend 4 full packed days at the beautiful Hilton Doubletree Disney Resort. (Why not stay a few days extra and enjoy Disney World - special rates for attendees - more about that later.)
The most in-depth training and class on the many different systems used in Aquaponics today right through from Home systems to Commercial scale operating information .

This 4 day event will include the following.

Starting with 7 hours of packed classroom education and training to prepare your for the following two full days in the field learning and doing.
Learn Backyard - Small Farm - Urban and Commercial methods

Day two in the field with a full day of hands on workshops and training at TCLyx’s farm with Murray Hallam and TCLynx. Training and building of the new unique Rail Beds and Media hybrid systems. Learn about the Vertical Zipgrow towers for commercial production.  Over 15 different components used in 5 different Hydroponic systems. Learn how to sell your produce in the most effective way.

Day Three in the field with a full day of workshops and training Sahib’s Urban Aquaponics with Sahib and Cosmo.  At Sahibs amazing Urban farm we will be training on Deep and Shallow Water Culture, Vertigro and Sandwich vertical systems. Sahibs unique Zero Lot Aquaponics. Greenhouse and Wicking beds.  Explore and learn about over 6 different Aquaponic systems.

Day Four at the Doubletree will be intense with more Classroom training on more systems designs, Marketing and several hours of breakouts with the instructors on the components and technologies you just learned about.  Each day will  end with in-depth Q&A sessions.

main street Disneyworld Orlando

Main Street Disney World Orland right across the road from the Doubletree Hotel

Of course with all the intense learning you will need to spend some time unwinding and enjoying the entertainment of Disney just across the street from the hotel with special rates for our conference attendees.  The DoubleTree suites are all 2 room suites that can sleep 6 and at an amazing Practical Aquaponics conference rate. Practical Aquaponics will provide your breaks and full lunch all four days. This is not your one way only Aquaponics Training.  This is the Full Monty, the Real Deal in Aquaponic Training.

Practical Aquaponics greenhouse.

Murray Hallam in his FloMedia research greenhouse.  Media and DWC combined in the most productive way.

Go HERE for more detail and to reserve your space.

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5 thoughts on “Aquaponics In Disney World.

  1. “IBC System Start-Up and Monitoring”
    I am in the process of setting up a 3 IBC container system and I am looking for some pointers and advice for monitoring and testing procedures once the system is up and running. Or even advice on getting the system started.

    Do you suggest any daily procedures for getting on top of all the parameters that need to be monitored to ensure that you have healthy fish and plants. We intend to have tilapia as our fish, do you have any suggestions for the best plants we should go in tandem with the tilapia??

    My team and I are new to aquaponics and we have intentions to use this three IBC system to learn the practical side of operations before moving on to a larger set up.
    All your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Isaac,
      Any plants that normally grow in your area will be fine. Generally, any plant where the crop is above the ground such as leafy greens and fruiting plants such as Tomatoes do well.
      Testing, It is a good idea to have a “Freshwater Test Kit” pH is possibly the most important test, although in the early stages ammonia test is carried out daily.
      It is a good idea to start with a smaller system to learn how it all works.
      I hope this is helpful to you.

  2. gday murray im building a green house what would be the best material to cover the green house can you help laurie