Aquaponics Gold. – Here it is

Aquaponics Gold

Where is the Gold in Aquaponics?

Where is the gold in Commercial Aquaponics? How will I make it pay?
Most think that the profit is somehow connected to a clever plumbing layout or some other construction secret. While it is important to have a well designed installation and have good knowledge on day to day farm routine, that is not where the money is.  Obviously, if the design, structure and farm management methodologies are not robust, then there is no foundation from which to reap profit.

Making it pay is all about having the product that people want, and getting it to them.  This is the part of the plan that should occupy 80% of our overall planning, implementation and ongoing enquiry.

The health and better living movement is growing rapidly and it takes many turns as it does.  Like never before people are realising that food purity and quality is the pinnacle, the thing to strive for, that will improve and restore personal well being.

We Aquaponics practitioners are in the health food business.  We are at the cutting edge of the clean, pure health food chain.

Enter the concept of "Super Foods".
A "super food" is one that delivers a truck load of very beneficial elements.  A super food does not come in a can , bottle or plastic packaging.

Plant based foods are the super foods, the ones that can guard your health and improve your health.  What a wonderful thing for Aquaponic growers.   We are able to produce plant foods that are better than organic, nutritionally at the top and as pure as you can possibly get in our very impure environment.

Aquaponics Kale

Kale - a super food.

Right now a "Gold" product is Kale.  That's right;  old fashioned Kale.   Comes in a number of varieties and there will be one that you can grow in your climate and season.
The health and nutrition gurus are recommending strongly that people go out and get Kale.

Kale ticks all the boxes when it comes to nutrition, and it ticks all the boxes as an Aquaponics farm product.  It is easy to grow,  and right now you will be able to sell as much of it as you can produce and for a premium price.

Producing a premium quality product, and sold for a premium price, now, that's Aquaponics Gold.

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4 thoughts on “Aquaponics Gold. – Here it is

  1. Murry, I love the KALE. It grows fast and as I cut some off, more keep growing. I produce more with two plants in my Aquaponic Grow tray than we can use and end up giving it to those friends who want it.
    Also for those in areas where Cannabis is allowed, I usually have one or two “Runts” planted in the grow tray as well. I have had situations where some were runts and looked terrible. After planting them in the AQ grow tray most came back alive and although they did not get normal size they all produced very decent “Fruit” and buds. I live in California where I have a State approved Medical MJ card and grow enough to make my Medicinal Hemp/Cannabis Oil

    • Your comment is very interesting. Yes Kale is just wonderful to grow in AP. Don’t know about the other plant you mention.
      Regards, thanks for posting.

  2. Hmm. I tried Kale raw in juices and it does not jell with me, or rather my tummy, how well does spinach do in aquaponics.. which I think is as close as I will get to kale?

    • Yep, got to admit, Kale is a bit powerful. I think it is some kind of rule, things that are good for you taste aweful…… Silver beet grows really well. The bugs love it too , unfortunately. We grow heaps of that during summer.