Aquaponics Farm Business Planning Tools.

Aquaponics Based on Practical Experience.

Business planning for your farm project is just so important. It costs hundreds of hours and much expense to create a comprehensive planning tool that is capable of delivering meaningful numbers.

Aquaponics Business Plan

There are many other integrated pages to this budgeting tool. An absolute must in creating a quality business plan.

Here is a screen shot of part of a very comprehensive budgeting tool that has a total of 16 integrated pages/sheets allowing for the planning of every possible variation to your proposed farm.
The tool comes with hypothetical numbers inserted, working formulas ready for you to go through and work the variations for your farm project.
Find out if it is really going to work for you before you shell out tens of thousands on equipment and labour to build your farm.
Insert numbers that you have gleaned from your market research to get a real life scenerio for your particular location.

This and heaps of other very valuable info is taught in our Aquaponics Future Farm Master Class.

Next session in Brisbane Australia starts March 14 and runs through to March 17 2016.

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6 thoughts on “Aquaponics Farm Business Planning Tools.

  1. Hi Murray,
    Would like to know how big is the operation (area?) that the numbers above in the business revenue represent? It is quite an attractive number to get people involve into this business.

    • Hi Poh, The comprehensive planning tool can be applied to any size farm by changing the parameters. The numbers that can be seen in the example are an example only. I hope this helps.

    • Hi, Yes it is in a way. It is available to our student graduates. So, if you join our upcoming on-line “Aquaponics Design Course” The business planning tools are part of that course. In the meanwhile go to our free membership site and see a collection of videos about Aquaponics. A new video is added each week. The “Aquaponics Design Course” will be announced via that website in about six weeks from now.
      Regards Murray

  2. Hi Murray,
    I would like to know where is your location so I could see for my self your awesome work thank you