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11 thoughts on “CHOPmK2

  1. Hi, I currently have a 2 fish tank, 4 grow bed Ibc system. I would like to change over to chop 2. Would I need to run one pump line split into, to both ft. Then have one ft return to sump & the other ft run all 4 gbs ?
    Many thanks

      • Thanks Murray, changed to chop 2 today. Ended up returning both ft in a common drain to the sump. Separate line to GB. Working great so far. Think I will up pump size in the future. I’ve got about 1800ltrs of ft & am currently turning over 2100ltr per hour. So I’m covered. But will all need that bit extra for future endeavors!

  2. Hi Murray and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    One question, although the answer is pretty obvious so it would be simply to confirm…hopping I’ve got it right 🙂

    The volume of the sump tank is the same as the volume of water to fill the grow bed. Am I right? I understand it can be more but certainly not less than the total volume of the displaced water.

    Thanks again

      • Thanks for your time Murray.
        One question though and I am aware it is not a simple yes or no answer.

        What are your takes of gravity fed systems versus pressure fed ones?

        Thanks again

  3. What about filtration, is it needed? If so, would i add it after the fish tank and before the sump? I have been researching the radial flow filters. If the filter is not added how do I controls

    • Hi Chris,
      If you wish to add a filter after the fish tank and before the sump. Radial flow is fine but a simple settlement tank works just as well.