Aquaponics Book of Plans. Tried and Proven Plans to Build.

Do you want to build your own home Aquaponics system but not too sure where to start?  What materials to get or even what tools you will need.

Book of Plans available in hard copy or as an instant download.

This book of system plans is just what you are looking for.

 All plans, drawings and material lists have metric and imperial measurements.

Four plan sets that will give you an excellent choice of where is best to start for you.
A large home system that will supply all your fresh vegetables for a family of two.  A wonderful fish dinner every two weeks or so.(very conservative estimates) This INDY system looks good and is a serious food producer.
Ever wondered just how to build a wicking bed?  The instructions are all there. A very small wicking bed, say of 1 sqm (10 sqf)  or as large as 6 sqm (65 sqf approx).
Use recycled Totes (IBC’s) to build a well proven three bed design…..or
Build a very low cost system from two recycled bathtubs.

Over 180 photographs, illustrations and diagrams.
Bill of quantities for each of the four projects.
Plumbing mysteries unravelled.

Go HERE to get your hard copy

Or go here to get your Kindle or eReader copy.  Instant download.
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Rosemary Charlotte Appleton says,
Very useful book-essential reading for the DIY backyard aquaponics system prospective owner.
Kate Wildrick says,
I am so excited to see that Murray Hallam has made his plans available by Kindle. I absolutely love this book!! The easy to understand step-by-step instructions have helped us build our own abundant aquaponic system. After spending several months doing research on what type of systems and plans would work best, we decided Murray Hallam had put together the most thoughtful and practical approach. He has a great way of explaining what you need to know every step of the way. Plus, the easy to understand diagrams and pictures provide a rich visual source of information. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious or serious about aquaponics. It is an excellent and super affordable resource that is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and costly mistakes.

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