A Blast From The Past.

A look back at a simple home system I upgraded in 2006.  The system was an expansion of one of my very first Aquaponics systems and proved to be an exciting learning experience. I want to share with you the photos that show the explosive growth in those very young media beds.

I decided it was time to upgrade my AP system. I have been running a small system based on a 200 Ltr fish tank and one strawberry tower.

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Aquaponics Connect in Puerto Rico

Back To The Future of Small Farms. Clean and Green.

Come join Murray Hallam and the Agroponicos farm team in Puerto Rico from October 29th to November 1st.

We will be teaching four days of Small Commercial Aquaponics Farming. Experience many workshops and hands-on training at Agroponicos farm, with the extraordinary farmers and fish wranglers. Learn seed planning and planting, as well as planting out. Pedro and Jorge Casas will teach you how to harvest and pack, for sales and delivery to restaurants and grocery stores. Both Murray Hallam and the Agroponicos farm team will instruct you at the farm and in the classroom. These classes will include how the Agroponicos farm was built and is actively managed. Murray will also instruct us on the technologies of farming with Aquaponics.  Learn More

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