3. GOLD Members.

Gold members have various information packs available to them.

Available NOW for on-line viewing; various video material and PDF files from our Master Class material.

Go now to view in our Members Options page to gain access to the GOLD Members area.  Just 19.45 Quarterly membership fee to have access to GOLD members area.  This also grants access to Silver and Bronze members areas.

Please view a trailer introduction to my full length DVD “Aquaponics Made Easy”
This video in DVD format is available via our on-line store.

“Aquaponics Made Easy” is my first DVD on growing fish and vegetables in your own backyard. If you are new to Aquaponics, this DVD will explain it all for you. From building your own cheap bathtub system to watching a kit being installed, “Aquaponics Made Easy” will guide you into the wonderful world of Aquaponics.

What fish to get? What plants to grow? How to keep the whole thing balanced and working well in your backyard. From Nitrogen cycles to pH test kits – its all explained in this fascinating DVD.

(this trailer runs for 12 minutes)

Your subscription is for three months (renewable) We are currently posting new material including technical PDF files about advanced Aquaponics info.

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23 thoughts on “3. GOLD Members.

  1. Not sure if I am doing something wrong? I just signed up for Gold Membership and i am not able to view DVD online?

  2. I would like to get my hands on all of the available videos you currently have! I have read that Gold members can watch “Aquaponics Made Easy” and “Aquaponics SECRETS”. Do Gold members also get to view “The First 12 Months & Aquaponics DIY”? Thanks!

    • Hi Nick,
      Yes, The DIY and First 12 months are there in the Gold area.
      I hope that is good for you.


  3. Murray this is Sam Brick, gold member sbrickjr. Thank you, I have gotten into the site after you telling me that I had to access the proper site!! I tried to download the PDF at work but it failed, maybe because of my work computer restrictions. I will try when I get home from work on my home computer.

    • Hi Sam, glad you got into the members area. Just checked the file and it downloads from the site. Must be something at your end….sorry.

  4. Mr. MURRAY HALLAM, I’m not looking for anything. Who informs the page with broken link is your website and that remain unresponsive for several days is also your site. You have now DISCLAIMED me from your site. I want my money back.

    • You have not been “disclaimed” from the website. You need to go to Paypal and cancel the quarterly access payment. If you are not happy go and cancel and we will refund the last payment. No problem. We do not want unhappy people.

  5. Hi Murray what is the name of your commercial system and where can I get the plans for that system

  6. Hi,

    I have paid for the gold membership but for PayPal, I have paid using different email Id. (askme.scor) now I am unable to access videos through this account.

    Transaction ID: 30P73301XG775735H

    Can you please help me on the topic.

    • Hi, If you paid using a different account the access will be via that email.
      Give me the details of the email address you are using and the email address that you paid with and I will see if I can sort it out for you.

  7. Hi Murray,

    Aplologies for a number of messages from in short duration. I am trying to access the website from my home laptop and work computer ( currently I can access only from my mobile) every time I try to login, I get error: 503: service temporarily unavailable. Too many up addresses accessing one secured area. Can you please help with that too.